2017 hiatus and review: LAS Training & Development Committee, together with course trainers and LAS council members, reviewed the WSQ training materials and investigate the sustainability of WSQ courses. Issues are documented in this paper.

Following the review in 2017, LAS has decided to offer one last run of WSQ courses. The courses will only be offered to invited participants and other past participants who have yet to complete the HCLIS.

Moving forward, we will be looking at micro-learning and blended learning to achieve desired learning outcomes. This allows us more flexibility in curriculum development.

WSQ courses

These courses will be useful for individuals who have been working as support staff in library and information organisations but have yet to acquire formal library and information qualifications

Courses are conducted by experienced professional librarians from Singapore with WDA-approved Advanced Certificate in Training and Assessment (ACTA).

A Statement of Attainment issued to candidates after satisfactory assessment. Candidates who have successfully completed all five courses are eligible for a WDA Higher Certificate in Library and Information Services (HCLIS).

Electronic Certificates (e-Certs) for LAS WSQ Courses

Starting from 3 November 2014, e-Certs will be issued to trainees who have attended and attained competency in Singapore Workforce Skills Qualifications (WSQ) training modules or have attained full WSQ qualifications. Details here.

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