LAS Mentorship PRogramme Guidelines

  • Each mentoring pair should meet at least twice by the end of the programme.
  • We recommended each meeting last for at least an hour. The meeting can be in person, online, or however else you would like to meet and discuss.
  • After each session, you should write a reflection piece to review your progress and satisfaction with the mentoring. We will guide you on submission process later.
  • By the end of the formal mentoring relationship, we will provide an evaluation form for you to complete. This is to allow us to publicise and improve future runs.

Code of Conduct

  • You will protect the privacy of your assigned mentor or mentee and uphold the confidentiality of information disclosed within the mentoring relationship.
  • If you are unable to foresee the scheme through to its conclusion, please notify us as soon as possible.
  • We expect that all participants enter into the mentoring relationship with a commitment to assist each other to develop and learn in an environment that will support honesty, fairness and respect.
  • If the relationship is not working for any reason, please contact us for mediation.
  • We do not tolerate bullying, abuse, harassment or other misconduct from any participant. Failure to abide by this will result in the participant’s immediate expulsion from this programme.

2018 Pilot Mentorship Programme

As a follow-up to the Speed Mentoring Event on 29 June 2018, LAS piloted a Mentorship Programme with 14 participants in July to December 2018.

Mentors and mentees were invited to the New Professionals' Seminar dinner to formally acknowledge their relationship and to officially launch the mentorshp programme.