These answers should cover most of your questions, but please don’t hesitate to contact us if you need more information.

  1. When will the webinar take place? On Friday November 30, from 10am–12:30pm (Singapore time (GMT+8); convert it to your own time zone at TimeandDate.com.
  2. What will I see and hear? You’ll view and hear each presenter, and you’ll view their presentations (typically Powerpoint or PDF). You will also hear the moderator as well.
  3. Will I be able to ask the presenters questions? Yes; you’ll be able to type questions in a chat window. The moderator will direct questions to the presenter at the end of the webinar for a written answer; there will not be time available for answering them 'live'.
  4. Are there breaks? Yes, we will have five minute breaks between each session. Use it for a toilet break, lunch snack, breakfast, or dinner—it depends on your time zone!
  5. Are the recordings available? Yes; we’ll share them with you a week or two after the conference. (We’ll need a little time to edit them.) We’ll email you as soon as they’re ready for you to access.
  6. Will the presenters’ slides be made available? Yes; we’ll email you links within a day or two of the webinar.
  7. I’ve registered; how do I login? We will email you login instructions three times:
    • One week prior to the event
    • One day prior to the event
    • Early the morning of the event
  8. I didn’t receive the email with login instructions; help! Please check your spam folder for an email from lastnd@gmail.com—or contact us at training@las.org.sg.
  9. What software do you use for this virtual conference? We use Cisco Webex Events. You don’t have to purchase Cisco Webex Events to use the software, nor do you need a Cisco Webex Events account. If you're using Chrome, consider installing the Webex Meetings Web App or Andriod App. Same goes if you're using a Mac.
  10. What are Cisco Webex Events’ system requirements? Please review the system requirements.
  11. I’m having some problems logging in; help! Check Cisco’s instructions on how to join a webinar. Also, we highly recommend using a wired connection and turning off any background applications that might use up bandwidth. Cisco also has some best practices on latency troubleshooting.