Remaining Relevant

Articulating the value of our library services

An inaugural webinar by the Library Association of Singapore

Friday, 30 November 2018 | 10am – 12:30pm

In the age of information abundance, we need librarians more than ever.

However, misconceptions about our work abound and the value we offer our communities is not immediately obvious. We often hear at conferences about staying relevant in this industry.

The Training & Development committee is organizing an online session for the first time to highlight opportunities and recognize the efforts made by libraries & librarians in staying relevant to our stakeholders.

Remaining relevant involves understanding what the interests of our community are, and finding common ground between what we can offer and the goals of our community.

This webinar will benefit library professionals who are looking for ideas, inspiration, and concrete steps they can take to remain relevant as information professionals at their workplace.

Join us online for this inaugural webinar to hear more about how we can remain relevant. Reserve your seat today to attend live or to receive the recording links afterwards.

Five Reasons to Attend

Reason #1: You'll learn to make continuing professional development an important part of your career

Reason #2: You'll learn about new work areas for librarians in data librarianship

Reason #3: Enjoy a keynote (45 minutes) and 4 presentations—presented live (10 minutes each) from fellow librarians

Reason #4: Participate in Q&A after our panel discussion

Reason #5: Access to video recordings of each presentation

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