28 March

LAS-NLB Professional Sharing Session: Innovation - What's New at Your Library?

This session was well attended by librarians representing a variety of institutions.

Speakers and Abstracts

24 April

Focus Group on Professional Development

Public report: 201804 focus group

29 June

Speed Mentoring Session

LAS organised a Speed Mentoring Session (think "Speed Dating" but with senior/junior librarians on opposite sides) for LAS members, held at the Kwa Geok Choo Law Library in Singapore Management University.

It was a cozy session and allowed all participants to get to know each other better. Following a networking dinner, all participants were matched with their preferred mentor or mentees for the Mentoring Programme.

Mentor pairs will be acknowledged during the New Professionals' Seminar seminar dinner.

28 September

LAS-NLB Profession Sharing Session: Library 3.0

201809 Prof Sharing: Library 3.0

November 2018

Webinar: Remaining Relevant

Remaining Relevant | Webinar on Friday November 30, 10am | Organized by Library Association of Singapore