All LISD students will graduate prepared and ready for college or career.

They will be PREPARED with all the academic knowledge and skill levels necessary


They will be READY with academic skills, employ-ability skills, and technical skills required for their foreseeable future, including certifications and college credit hours if they choose to.


Recruitment Parent Night Flyer Click to view links

2020 – 2021 Magnet/Early College Recruitment Timeline & Events

January 18 – 25, 2021 8th Grade Google Class Presentations (homeroom & CTE classes) window for magnet & ECHS applications opens

February 3, 2021 LISD Magnet Schools & ECHS Recruitment Night (Parent Event) 6:00 - 8:00 pm (Virtual)

February 17, 2021 Virtual Early College/Magnet School Open House (pre-recorded, provide videos to MS counselors)

March 5, 2021 Window for applications for magnet schools & ECHS closes

March 12, 2021 Deadline for MS school Counselors to upload ECHS & magnet applications on Google Drive

April 16, 2021 Acceptance notification will be made on Google form by the magnet schools & ECHS for MS Counselors to contact students by

phone, email, etc.

April 30, 2021 Deadline for confirmation of acceptance & commitment of students (documented on google form by MS counselors)

May 3-7, 2021 Magnet schools & ECHS counselors will reach out to committed students to discuss plans for participation/summer/registration.

Monday January 18: Hector J. Garcia ECHS Tuesday January 19: Nixon BIPS

Wednesday January 20: Cigarroa P-Tech Thursday January 21: Sabas-Perez ECA

Friday January 22: Vidal M. Trevino School Monday January 25: Dr. Dennis Cantu ECHS

NASA High School Aerospace Scholars

FREE all-expenses-paid, week-long visit to the NASA's Johnson Space Center in Houston during the Summer!!!

NASA’s High School Aerospace Scholars (HAS) applications are now open! HAS is an authentic learning experience for Texas high school juniors to engage with NASA’s mission to become the next generation of explorers. Students learn about different STEM related fields of study they might want to pursue in college. Following a series of online lessons, highest achieving students attend an all-expenses-paid, week-long visit to the NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston during the summer. Selected participants plan a team based Artemis themed mission to Moon and Mars with the guidance of NASA scientists and engineers. Both the online and onsite portions are free to participants.

Applications are available for students beginning September 8, 2020 through October 21, 2020.

Visit our website at:

Laredo College

FAFSA OPENS October 1, 2020

Logo Competition

Winner receives Wireless Beats Headphones!!!

College Board Virtual Fair Saturday Feb. 6, 2021 Sophomores and Juniors

BigFuture Days


English Brochure

Spanish Brochure

Whether you’ve already started your college search or have no idea where to begin, we want to connect you with colleges that might be a good fit for you. BigFuture™ Days gives you a chance to get information about multiple colleges from college admissions officers and current college students.

Here are five reasons to attend BigFuture Days:

Explore colleges in a way that’s informative but not overwhelming.

Connect directly with colleges to get answers to your questions and show your interest in attending.

Hear from current college students who know what it’s like on campus.

Take key college planning steps like searching for colleges and exploring scholarships.

Join these free events from a computer or mobile device.

What to Expect

  • Explore colleges in a way that’s not overwhelming, and show them you're interested.

  • Take action on key college planning steps like searching for colleges and exploring careers and majors.

  • Listen, learn, and participate in live Q&A and online chat with admissions representatives and current students who have been through it all.

  • Download college planning resources, and drop in with questions for a college adviser.

Click links below to access videos and applications for each school listed:

(Note: Videos may take a while to load the first time you access them, select play button when loaded.)

LISD Magnet/ECHS Information

College Career & Military Resources:

Click the link below to find information about SAT, ACT, ASVB, Career Planning Resources, University Camps and Programs for High school students Texas Common Course Numbering, Career Specific Scholarship Opportunities and MUCH MUCH more!!!!

College Career & Military Indicators:

HB22 Domain I - Student Achievement

College, Career, and Military Readiness (CCMR) Component

August 2021 A-F District/Campus Accountability

Student Group: 2019-2020 Graduates submitted in the 2020-2021 PEIMS Fall Submission

Students can demonstrate CCMR in any one of the following ways anytime 9-12th Grade:

College Ready Component

1. Meet Criteria (score of 3 or more) in Advanced Placement (AP) Exam OR (score of 4 or more) on IB Exam in any subject.

2. Meet (TSI) Criteria in BOTH ELAR and Math in any combination of exams

Texas Success Initiative (TSI)

      • Reading 351

      • Writing Essay Score of 5, OR 4 & Multiple Choice of 340.

      • Math 350

SAT (before 3/5/2016) SAT (on or after 3/5/2016)

      • Verbal 500 Evidence-Based Reading and Writing 480

      • Math 530 Math 530

      • Combined 1070 Combined No Requirement


        • English 19

        • Math 19

        • Composite 23

College Prep Course

  • English Language Arts Service ID CP110100

  • Mathematics Service ID CP111200

3. Earn Dual Course Credits.

3 credit hours in ELA OR Math


9 credit hours in any subject ( KINE, COSC, Art Appreciation, Technical...)

4. Earn an Associate Degree.

5. Successfully complete an OnRamps course and earn 3 college credit hours.

Career Ready Component

6. Earn an Industry-Based Certification. Current List of Approved Industry-Based Certifications for School Accountability (pdf)

7. CTE Coherent Sequence Coursework Aligned with Industry-Based Certification. A CTE coherent sequence student (CTE Code 2) who has completed and received credit for at least one CTE course aligned with an industry-based certification. This indicator will award 1/2 point and is only for students who have not met any other CCMR indicator.

8. Earn a level I or Level II certificate (Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board)

9. Graduate with Completed IEP and Workforce Readiness. (Grad Code Type: 04, 05, 54, or 56)

10. Graduate under an advanced degree plan (RHSP, DAP, FHSP-E, FHSP-DLA) and be identified as a current special education student

11. Enlist (Intent to Enlist) in the United States Armed Forces. (US Army, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard, or Marines. (Meeting with the recruiter or taking the ASVAP alone will not count)

UPDATED Military Indicator Requirements

Beginning with the reporting of this indicator in Fall 2020 PEIMS submission 1, TEA will ONLY accept data for students who fall into one of two categories:

1. Confirmed Actual Enlistment

2. Confirmed Imminent Enlistment

New Requirements

TEA continues to work with the U.S. Department of Defense to obtain source data that accurately and precisely documents military enlistment.

In the meantime, each district will continue to decide the methodology for collecting and documenting “enlistment in the U.S. armed forces”, subject to the following guidance:

· Confirmed Actual Enlistment means students who, by December 31 immediately following high school graduation, are confirmed to be enlisted in the military

· Confirmed Imminent Enlistment means students who, on the day of graduation, will enlist in the military by December 31 immediately following high school graduation

· The methodology used by the district must be developed and applied in good faith and not intended to artificially inflate the CCMR indicator

o Examples of methodologies that may be determined as bad faith if utilized by a district include, but are not be limited to the following:

§ Reporting students based solely on the district inducing student contact with a military recruiter (i.e. holding an assembly in the cafeteria with a military recruiter where student attendance is required or otherwise prompted by the district)

§ A district soliciting student signatures on forms, including but not limited to senior surveys, indicating the student’s intent to enlist in the military when the district possesses no other documented evidence of Confirmed Imminent Enlistment

§ Reporting students who have taken, but failed, the ASVAB

§ Reporting students based solely on a student taking the ASVAB when the test is administered by the district but possesses no additional evidence of enlistment once the student receives the results of the test

§ Reporting a student when there is evidence that the district is aware that the student is disqualified from military service

§ Reporting students when the district possesses no or inadequate documentation

· The methodology used must be reasonably calculated to accurately determine within a reasonable margin of error the Confirmed Actual Enlistment and Confirmed Imminent Enlistment of its graduating class

· Districts must maintain verifiable, supporting documentation that may be reasonably determined by TEA to conclusively demonstrate and accurately account for Confirmed Actual Enlistment and Confirmed Imminent Enlistment

· This documentation may be subject to audit by the agency

Recommended Methodology

1. Confirmed Actual Enlistment,

TEA will accept verifiable documentation from a military recruiter such as an email indicating enlistment, or any official Department of Defense document showing enlistment and acceptance into the United States military, so long as the enlistment occurs by December 31 immediately following high school graduation.

2. Confirmed Imminent Enlistment

TEA will consider it a rebuttable presumption that a district’s methodology used to determine Confirmed Imminent Enlistment is developed in good faith if the district’s methodology includes showing documented evidence of each of the following:

a. The student obtains a passing score on the ASVAB

b. The student engages in a one on one meeting with a military recruiter at the request of the student

c. After passing the ASVAB and meeting with the military recruiter, the student executes a form indicating the intent to enlist in the military by December 31 immediately following high school graduation and the student personally delivers the form to the district and the military recruiter; and

d. There is no evidence indicating that the student has been disqualified from military service or has otherwise indicated a subsequent lack of intent to enlist in the military.

For all students reported with methodologies other than the recommended methodology, the burden is on the district to demonstrate that it has otherwise complied with the standards set out in TEA’s guidance.

Any district relying upon a methodology other than this recommended methodology acknowledges that compliance is solely determined by the Commissioner of Education.



College Career & Military HB 3 Goals:

CCMR Board Outcome Goal

CCMR Progress Measure 2

CCMR Progress Measure 3

Contact Us:

Rogelio Garcia

Director for College Career and Military Readiness: Advanced Academics, Dual Enrollment and CTE.


Phone: (956)273-1861

Yvonne Degollado

CCMR Coordinator, Toro Team


Phone:(956) 273-1744

Cindy Dominguez

CCMR Coordinator, Tiger Team


Phone: (956) 273-1864

Claudia Gonzalez

CCMR Coordinator, Mustang Team


Phone: (956) 273-1863

Non-Discrimination Statement

It is the policy of Laredo I.S.D. not to discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, handicap or age in its employment practices as required by Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, as amended; Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972; the Age Discrimination Act of 1975, as amended; and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, as amended. Laredo I.S.D. will take steps to ensure that lack of English language skills will not be a barrier to student admission and participation in all educational and vocational programs.

Notificación de No-Discriminación

Es norma de Laredo I.S.D. de no discriminar en sus procedimientos de empleo por motivos de raza, color, origen nacional, sexo, impedimento o edad, tal como lo requieren el Título VI de la Ley de Derechos Civiles de 1964, según enmienda; el Título IX de las Enmiendas en la Educación, de 1972, la Ley de Discriminación por Edad, de 1975, según enmienda, y la Sección 504 de la Ley de Rehabilitación de 1973, según enmienda. 4. Laredo I.S.D. tomará las medidas necesarias para asegurar que la falta de habilidad en el uso de inglés no sea un obstáculo para la admisión y participación de alumnos en todos los programas educativos y vocacionales.