Humanities Summer Assignment

Artifact A: Passion/Interest Artifact B: Current Event Artifact C: 2020 Elections Artifact D: Creativity of Others Activity E: Your Creativity


Google Sites Tutorial: Watch this video before creating your personal website using Google Sites.

In-text Citations (APA Format): This page explains how to credit your sources in your summary written for Artifacts A-D. (Refer to this page for other in-text citations needs, including how to credit a source with multiple authors or no authors named.)

APA Source Citations: Make sure that Artifacts A, B, C and D all include a formal citation for the source(s) that you use. Make sure to credit images and videos as well. The page linked here provides templates and examples for a number of different electronic source types (including webpages with and without authors/publication dates names, YouTube videos, online news articles and social media posts).