Lansing Middle School Computers

Welcome to the LMS Computer Webpage. I hope you find this webpage useful for your needs. If you have any questions email

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Materials needed for class

You are responsible for bringing these items to class every day.

1. Pencil and Pen

2. Ear Buds (Cannot be wireless or Apple Headphones.)

3. You are to bring extra work in case you finish early or the computers are not working.

4. IPad (will only use when assigned)


  1. Each computer assignment is worth between 10 - 200 points depending on the complexity of the assignment.
  2. If you have an excused absence, you may make up computer time you’ve missed by coming in during study hall, before school, or after school (with prior approval) until 4 p.m. IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO MAKE ARRANGEMENTS IN ORDER TO MAKE UP YOUR TIME AND WORK. Make-up must be done in a timely manner, appropriate for the absence. See your agenda for details.
  3. If you miss school, you should make up your work. When projects are late, they will be graded as follows: 10% deduction per day down to 50%. Any late work turned in the last 3 days of class will only be counted as 40% credit.
  4. You will receive a quarterly grade for classroom participation this includes helping others, behavior, and bringing required items to class daily.
  5. Computer projects turned in later than 2 weeks will not be graded unless of extenuating circumstances or prior arrangements have been made.

Classroom Rules

  • Be prepared.
  • Be respectful.
  • Be on time.
  • Do your best.
  • Respect the rights of others.
  • No Food, Drink or Gum in the computer lab.
  • Use restroom or get a drink before coming to class.
School Holidays 2019-2020

Classroom Procedures

  1. Listen carefully when I am giving instructions. Please be considerate and respectful when others are talking.
  2. Enter the classroom in an orderly manner. Store backpacks against the north, east or south walls. Backpacks should not be between computer rows. Sit at your assigned seat and log into the computer. Stay at your seat. (See arrival procedure)
  3. No food or drink or gum is to be consumed in the computer lab. Liquids and computers don’t mix.
  4. No gum should be in the computer lab. Gum is difficult to remove from carpeting. This will be strictly enforced.
  5. I will allow you to whisper and talk quietly (partner voice) to the person next to your computer table. You may not talk across the room to others. If the room gets too loud, talking will not be permitted.
  6. The bell is not your dismissal. I will dismiss you from class after you have logged out, and your computer table is cleared. You will not line up at the door to dismissed. (See dismissal procedure)
  7. You are welcome to bring homework from other classes or an AR book. You may not work on other work if you have not completed your computer assignment.
  8. You also may not wander around the room. You must stay at your assigned computer.
  9. After a warning has been issued for improper behavior, and if the behavior continues throughout class time, you will be moved to the Safe Seat and complete a Think Sheet. This will help you reflect on what you have done and how to correct these behaviors. If these behaviors continue during class you will then be moved to the Buddy room. (If the Safe Seat is occupied then you will be sent to the buddy room.)
  10. Students who are leaving the classroom must sign-out on the sign-out sheet. This sheet is located on the clipboard on the teacher’s desk.
  11. Cell Phones: Cell phones should not be a distraction in class. The cell phone should be turned off. Your cell phone should be kept in your backpack at all times. It may not be in your pocket or on the computer table. If it is out, it will be confiscated and a detention will be assigned.
  12. Student iPads should be kept in your backpack or on the teacher’s desk unless an assignment has been made for computer class.
  13. Students need to use the restroom or get a drink before they come to class. There is no restroom or drinking fountain in the computer building. You may not be allowed out of class for a drink or bathroom use.
  14. Make up work can be done at home using Google Classroom.

Computer Syllabus - signature required for student and a parent. Click this link for a copy if your child has not brought a copy home. Print a copy and bring to school signed. See below.

Computer Syllabus Click this link to open the syllabus.

LMS Computer Syllabus 2019-2020.docx

Standards Used for Students is taken from International Society for Technology in Education. (ISTE)