Second Grade News

Week of January 11-15

Dear Parents:

Monday: Unbeatable Eatables Lunch

Wednesday: Taco Lunch

Thursday: Chicken Nuggets Lunch

Friday: Spelling Test, Show and Tell

Reading, Grammar, Writing, Spelling: The class will work on spelling compound words. We will read "Officer Buckle and Gloria." We will learn that we can abbreviate titles of people, days, months, and places.

Math: We will have a test over Chapter 9 on Tuesday. The class will begin chapter 10 on place value to 1,000.

Bible: The class will begin to hear the stories of the miracles of Jesus. We will cover the miracle at Cana, a soldier's faith, and calming the storm.

Memory Work for January: Matthew 43-45a & 48 and Matthew 11: 28-30

Social Studies: We will move back to social studies for the coming quarter and learn about the world around us. We will talk about location, maps, and our earth.

Spelling Words:

  1. cannot

  2. pancake

  3. maybe

  4. baseball

  5. playground

  6. someone

  7. myself

  8. classroom

  9. sunshine

  10. outside

  11. upon

  12. nothing

  13. into

  14. inside

  15. nobody

  16. everywhere