The focus of our Foundation Phase is to develop a firm foundation in the three basic learning areas: Numeracy, Literacy and Life Skills. Learning takes place through problem-solving and investigation as well as through the use of traditional teaching methods. All learners are encouraged to participate in both class and group activities. Individual learning styles are catered to in the Foundation Phase and our small classes make it possible for each child to develop at his/her own pace. We are committed to offering each child a warm and nurturing environment in which to learn and grow.

Learners are offered a varied curriculum and are facilitated by a specialist teacher in the fields of Music, Art and Drama. Sport forms part of our school day and every child is exposed to learning the basics of team sports such as cricket and hockey. In Grade 1 the sport focus is on ball skills and gross-motor skills. Each child is given an introduction to information technology and a sound foundation is laid in computer literacy by the end of Grade 3.

Our educational program is rounded off by termly outings to local places of interest as well as outdoor adventure camps (Covid dependent).


Our Intermediate Phase prides itself on teachers who are focused on developing each child to his / her full academic, emotional and physical potential. We believe that each child has distinct strengths which we try to utilize across all learning areas in our curriculum.

We approach learning with enthusiasm, discovering where each child's strength lies and breaking through their weaknesses, helping them learn from their mistakes and become all-round learners. Our teachers approach education from a professional viewpoint as well as a lifestyle that we never stop learning even as adults. We believe that education is multi-faceted and our small classes enable us to work at a pace that suits each individual's needs and ensures that personal attention is given to each child's development.

The children develop academically and also spend an hour a week doing outdoor activities based on their extra mural preference (after school hours) and an hour of physical education during school hours. These activities allow for unique intelligences to come to light and ensure the holistic development of our learners. We also offer a range of extra-curricular sport and activities as well as a wonderful, committed art, music and drama department during school time. All of what we do bears out our motto of "Learning, Growing, Becoming" and we enjoy seeing this become a reality in the young lives entrusted to us

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