High School

SENIOR PHASE (Grade 7 - 9)

Our curriculum is innovative, relevant and hands-on where learning is encouraged. Every learner takes part in sporting, cultural and academic pursuits. Every learner is expected to participate fully in the outdoor education programme which is part of the weekly timetable. All Senior Phase learners are also given a weekly Drama class which assists them with self-confidence, self-awareness and teaches life-skills such as public-speaking.

Our High School, from Grade 8, uses an online platform called ThinkDigitalAcademy. Our learners come to school and log onto the platform https://www.thinkdigitalacademy.org

We are also open to our parents using other online platforms if they prefer another. Other platforms include UCT Online High School, Teneo, Impact, MOS and Curro's online school.

All their lessons are conducted online and their digital textbooks are included in the course fee. We provide a safe working space and a qualified teacher to support learners who do not understand any taught content online. We are essentially taking the best of homeschooling and combing it with the best of traditional schooling. This creates a beneficial environment to help any learner get the best out of their schooling career. Learners find they are able to work at their own pace, go over content again to reinforce the work and even have the support of an in person teacher.

Our dedicated teachers offer a safe environment for dynamic learning to take place. Learners are encouraged to take risks and learn from their mistakes. Our senior phase is indeed an exciting place to be!


Continuing from our Senior Phase, Grade 10 to 12`s are offered the opportunity to choose any subject or subject combination they want. They can also choose the language they learn in and the curriculum they want between the South African CAPS, Brittish International or the United States GED system. Lanner House has applied to be an exam centre but until then, learners will learn on campus and complete their final exams at an exam centre that we arrange for them (Only Grade 12`s write off campus for finals). Once they have completed these finals they are issued a National Senior Certificate that enables them to attend tertiary education institutes such as universities or Technikons.