Lanner House Independent School

Lanner House Independent School is an English Christian school that caters for enthusiastic, committed, positive families who are concerned about overcrowding, poor quality education in government-run schools and the specific lack of English schooling in Worcester. Registered with the Department of Basic Education, Lanner House Independent School has highly qualified, experienced English teachers who offer small classes for individual attention, a stimulating, well-developed curriculum and a wide range of extra-curricular activities in a safe, well-resourced environment all at an affordable, all-inclusive price! Lanner House caters for children turning 2 years old all the way to Grade 12. Our High School class boasts both English and Afrikaans medium, 3 curriculums to choose from (South African CAPS, Brittish International and the United States GED) and the ability to provide an environment where your child can work at their own pace with structured support.