Mentor Letter

Original email to Dr. Ramos(Original mentor)

This email takes place after Dr. Rohrbaugh emailed us about a mentorship that could take place. This was after she had already mentioned a mentorship to him and he agreed to speak with me.

Subject: Bioinformatic Mentorship Brooke McKenzie (Lanier High School Student)

Dear Dr. Ramos,

Thank you so much for considering a mentorship with me.

To give you a bit of background information about me, I have been interested in bioinformatics for about a year now since being in Dr. Rohrbaugh's AP biology class.

I don't have much knowledge about what you do on a daily basis or the specific programs you use, so I was hoping I could spend a few months visiting you at your job and shadowing you to learn more about your career.

Then, once I have somewhat of a foundation, I would do my own research project using public data. While working on my own research project, I would hope to have open communication with you about questions or problems I am experiencing.

If this is all agreeable to you, when would you like for us to meet?

Thank you,

Brooke McKenzie