Room 13

Teacher: Samantha Durkee


This month our class will explore holidays, traditions and geography in different countries around the world. Through stories and hands on learning activities, student’s will develop an appreciation for diversity in traditions. We will begin writing to our Pen Pals at Tamarac Elementary School and continue this activity throughout the rest of the school year

In Math students will be exploring the concept of more and less. We will look at different groups of objects and compare them through hands-on learning activities.

As we get closer to winter, we are hoping more snow will fall. Room 13 will be exploring the outdoors and experiencing all the great sensory activities that are included with the snow. Watch for pictures as we head outside to color snow, build snowmen and create fun obstacle courses!


Our class had so much fun in the month of October! We learned about many different shapes, did some fun experiments and went on our field trip to Liberty Ridge Farm! Here are Just a few pictures of our fun!

For the Month of November we will be learning about objects that can be seen in the sky during the day and which objects can be seen at night. They will also learn how people sometimes see shapes in the clouds and stars. Throughout the unit we will continue to discuss objects found in the sky such as the Sun. Moon, and stars. We will learn how the sun provides heat and light and the different phases of the moon. In math students will be explore many different shapes, and colors and how we can use them to make patterns. Our Spelling and vocabulary words for this month are up - in - it – see - she – right.