Mrs. Mc's Class


Greetings! My name is Mrs. McLane but prefer to be called Mrs. MC.

  • I am a veteran teacher

  • Have taught in several other states and even internationally (Wales)

  • Military wife and a mother of 2 teenage sons

  • Formal Education:

      • Jamestown Community College: 1 year of Nursing and graduated with a Associates of Science in Business Administration and Marketing.

      • State University of New York (SUNY) @ Fredonia - Bachelor's of Science in Elementary Education with a minor in History.

      • Endicott College - Master's of Science in Elementary Education with a concentration in Montessori

      • 6 years of Montessori training in Savannah, GA from the prestigious Sanford Jones

Informal Education:

      • Traveled to 43 of 50 United States with my family

      • Backpacked through Europe with my Mum

      • Traveled for 21 days in an RV with my husband, parents, a 3 year old and 10 month old. Did it again 3 years later with 2 RVs with my brothers and their families but for 24 days.

      • Been to Mexico and Canada numerous times

      • Love to travel to the Caribbean. Jamaica is one of my favorite locations.

      • Spent 10 days in Praha (Prague)

      • I plan our own trips and try to make it educational and fun for everyone. Students get to be involved in my travels. I make slideshows and bring in foreign treats.

Both my formal education, informal education, and experience have given me a plethora of styles and techniques to aid in learning. I love for students to use "hands on materials" or manipulatives to learn. My belief is that learning should be educational but also fun.

Week 1 STEM w/ Taurman's Class * 812-952-2555 ext. 132