Thank you for your patience, kindness and collaboration this school year.

We look forward to continued collaboration in effort to best support your students.

The Pathfinders Logo embodies the belief and purpose of the Lancaster Alternative Virtual Academy, also known as LAVA.

We believe every child has their own educational path. Every student is unique, so that means the journey should look different for every child. Our job as a school is to support students, and help them navigate their educational journey.

  • Our vision is to build self-driven learners, and help students learn how to advocate for their learning needs.

  • Our mission is to provide educational pathways for all students, all of the time.

2022-2023 School Year Enrollment


How to Get Started

Interested in having your student enroll at LAVA for the 2022-2023 school year? Click on the link below to complete the registration.


  1. Register in Smart Choice to complete the LAVA enrollment.

  1. Sign the LAVA Master Agreement


Program Features

  • K-1 iPads

  • * 2-8 Chromebooks

  • * Hot Spot, if needed

  • Integrated Lesson Design

  • Intentional Learning Plans

  • Innovation Pathway Course

  • Hands-On Learning Home Activity Kits

  • Maker Space

  • Music Lessons

  • Music Equipment Loaner Program

  • PE Equipment Loaner Program

  • Science/Engineering Loaner Equipment

  • Coding

  • On site Counselor

  • On site School Psychologist


  1. You will be notified technology is ready for pick-up

  2. On pick up day - Call 661-488-7600

  3. Office staff will direct you to enter through the side gate (follow the arrows on the ground to the Blue Table)

  4. Clipboard (sign the paperwork) 2-8 Technology Bag (take)

Standard Contents in the 2-8 Technology Bag include: Chromebook, Charging Cable, Technology User Agreement, Technology Checkout Form (copy of what you signed), Optional Insurance (we highly recommend this - must be done within 30 days of enrollment)

Site IT: Isaiah Gomez



Via ClassLink your student will be able to access their student account and access all the programs they will need this school year.

We encourage you to check your student's PowerSchool regularly to view grades and attendance. This is the best way to ensure you are aware of your student's school performance.

Google Classroom is the platform used by our teachers to provide students information about lessons, classwork, and homework assignments. We encourage you to monitor it regularly to ensure your student is keeping up with all the assignments.

Families, please join Class Dojo. Look for an email from your student's teacher to join their Class Dojo. Joining Class Dojo is a great way to maintain communication with your student's teacher, and see what's new at LAVA.

If you think your student needs additional academic support, feel free to sign up for tutoring here.

This support can also be found on your student's Classlink. It just requires you to click on that link.

School Attendance is an important component of academic success in school, especially in the LAVA program. Our Master Agreement outlines the attendance Expectations for our students and families. Please refer to it as necessary.

Everyday of school attendance counts. As highlighted in our school district's Attendance page, "Research shows good attendance supports academic achievement, and will give your student the best chance at future success. "

∙ Attendance is the number one predictor of graduation.

∙ Chronic Absenteeism is one of the strongest indicators of dropping out, even more than suspensions and test scores.

∙ A student who is chronically absent once in K-3 is 4x more likely to drop out.

∙ 83% of students who are chronically absent in kindergarten and first grade cannot read on-level by 3rd grade.

∙ Students not reading on-level by third grade are 4x more likely to drop out.

∙ By 6th grade, chronic absenteeism becomes a leading indicator that a student will drop out of high school.

∙ High school dropouts are 8x more likely to be incarcerated than people with high school diplomas.

∙ High school dropouts are NOT eligible for 90% of the jobs in America.

For anything related to attendance, please contact Terri Cardona at 661-488-7600.


Summer of Fun Opportunities

For more information on the Summer Fun opportunities, click on the image above to be redirected to the website.