L. A. Kersh Architecture has completed numerous MRI facilities in the Eugene/Springfield area. In Spring of 2014 we were commissioned to design a shell space build out for the Sacred Heart Medical Center - RiverBend Imaging Department.

Design began by interfacing with various MRI vendors to assist the client in selection and pricing of the overall MRI suite improvement.

Once a concept was completed, design information was used to solicit a CMGC for management and construction of the facility.

Peace Health_l.mp4
New machine makes for a better MRI experience at Riverbend Local KMTR.mp4

Finishes in the MRI Scan Room were"tuned" to help optimize the PDC patient experience system. This creates the ability for Sacred Heart Medical Center - RiverBend's Imaging Department to enable a more peaceful and enjoyable visit for their patients.

The resulting project incorporates the newest patient experience system by PDC and a 1.5T Siemens MAGNETOM Aera MRI. The suite was completed in Fall 2014, on time and budget, as a showcase of current MRI suite technology.

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