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We have always rooted our architectural design work by maintaining our presence in the residential market and in the markets of other project types. Our broad experience with institutional design allows a design perspective which reaches outside of the norm. These unique projects produce ongoing word of mouth recommendations for our work with building owners and organizations.

Historic preservation work, graphic design and unique home design and remodels for our friends and clients are areas we branch into and enjoy. Give us a call to discuss your interesting design project!

Historic Preservation

  • Shelton McMurphey Johnson House

  • Wayne Morse Family Farm

Sororities / Fraternities

  • Gamma Phi Beta Life Safety / Exiting Improvements

  • Delta Gamma Life Safety / Exiting Improvements / Courtyard

Recent Home Remodels

  • Weber Residence: Completed 2017

  • R&C Kersh Residence: Completed 2017

  • Tykeson Residence: Completed 2015

  • Allen Residence: Completed 2014

  • Pitt/Lampman Residence: Completed 2010

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