A complete relocation of the City of Eugene's Municipal Court was required due to an aging City Hall facility. Based on prior exemplary experience with the City's court system, L. A. Kersh Architecture, Inc. was selected to lead the design process for this undertaking in 2011.

A series of charrettes led by Lee Kersh, the firm's Principal, resulted in a design that was placed on the Second Floor of the Roberts Building located just off Eugene's downtown core area.

Three courts were arranged in a "corral" manner and sight lines were established from the clerk stations to the court entries and the central lobby space.

Natural light was planned as the focus of the surrounding Out-of-Court and In-Court staff functions, with a donut like circulation pattern interconnecting all spaces and separating the secure areas of the court in a practical and efficient manner.

Most challenging was the budget and schedule. Teaming up with the Roberts Building owner and associated CMGC, a total budget of approximately $2.2 million was achieved for this 20,000 square foot project.

Work included a complete occupancy change for the existing building, a seismic upgrade and a completion date tied to a mandatory move-out of the existing court facility. The courts opened on schedule in June of 2012.

Building Owner | Roberts Building, Inc.

CMGC | McKenzie Commercial Construction

Tenant | City of Eugene Municipal Court

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