The Big Picture

Mass media is a communication arts course that covers all areas of the mass media—print and broadcast media, advertising and public relations, and internet media. The course focuses on the production of media-related elements. These elements are, but are not limited to, our in-house screen production, Live On Lakeland, the daily announcements, and live streaming of school related events. The students gain skills and receive knowledge to be informed consumers of media in a technological society. The course provides the opportunities for students to learn basic journalistic and technological skills to be used in career choices and broadcast media. Students will research, gather, and analyze information to create print and broadcast media for a variety of audiences. They will learn basic journalistic skills for writing for the media as well as screenwriting, including but not limited to the following:

● Understanding the various functions of the media

● Meeting ethical standards and upholding and legal responsibilities in the field of journalism

● Understanding and employing excellent news judgment

● Preparing for and conducting successful interviews

● Handling quotes fairly and accurately

● Writing news stories and headlines

● Writing for broadcast

● Doing in-depth reporting

● Using editing software to produce digital media content

● Operating cameras effectively

● Collaborating with peers to produce digital media content