Class Schedule

Full Day Pre-K

4/5 year old program

8:00- Start of School Day

8:10-8:35- Unpack backpacks, lunch count, attendance, Calendar, weather, days of the week and months of the year, sign in

8:35-9:00- Morning Meeting

9:00-9:20- Group Activity/fine motor

9:25-10:30- Centers/small group with Ms. Schroeder or Ms. Kerri

10:35-11:00- Recess/gross motor

11:00-12:45- Lunch and Rest time

12:45-1:10- task boxes/journal writing

1:10-1:30- Snack

1:35-1:50- Recess/gross motor

2:00- Dismissal

2:40-Extended Day Dismissal