Home Instruction June 8-12

Assignments will be posted here.

All assignments are optional and will not be graded.

Monday June 8


Ask your family if you have a boxed cake mix, brownie mix, muffin mix, or Bisquick. If you have everything you need, and you have permission, bake something for your family. Take a picture and e-mail it to me if you are able. Don't forget to clean up!


Write me an email if you are able, and tell me about your favorite thing someone in your family bakes. It might be grandma's pies or dad's cookies or your brother's cupcakes.


Tuesday June 9


Think of something going on in today's world. If you were a reporter, what questions would you ask? Ask some of your family members those questions, and don't forget to play the part of the reporter. Find something to use as a microphone and have someone else record you. Email me the video (if you are able) of you asking different people in your family those questions.


Write me an email (if you are able) with the questions you would ask. If you were a reporter, where would you like to go to do interviews in today's world?


Wednesday June 10

This year, our novel studies were:



Bud, Not Buddy

The Outsiders

Number the Stars

With all stories, there is a conflict. The main character goes through a challenge of some sort. Think about each novel and what conflict the main character is challenged with. If you were in one of the stories, which one would it be? What would be your role? Would you help solve the conflict or would you create more challenges?


Record your self answering the questions above and email me the video, if you are able. Remember to tell me the name of the novel and the name of your character as well as answering all the questions.


Email me, if you are able, the answers to the questions. Remember to tell me the name of the novel and the name of your character as well as answering all of the questions.


Thursday June 11

Carrying cash is becoming less and less common, as you saw in the Financial Lit assignments this marking period. Do you carry cash? Do you know how to count it quickly?

Gather all the change you have in the house. Yes, ask your parents if you can check their dressers, cup holders in their cars, any of those places where loose change is tossed. Count it all up. Ask a family member to count it as well. Do you have the same total? We've had many students over the past several years who struggled tremendously with math concepts involving cash. Even the idea that cash means bills and coins confuses some young people, or the idea that 'change' is what you get after you pay for something with cash and 'change' also means coins.


Take a picture of the total amount you and another family member counted. Write it in words as well as in dollars and cents notation (ex. $4.38). Email me the picture if you are able.


Email me, if you are able, the same information without a picture.



Hello!! If you need to reach me at any time, you can email me at jstage@lakehurstschool.org

For remote learning:

Your child needs to check every Google Classroom every day for assignments. The need to open the "Classwork" tab on most Classrooms to see the work.

If you see a low grade in the gradebook, have your child go to the Google Classroom, click on the Classwork tab at the top, and open the assignment.

Also, I am available to chat on their screens each day from 8 in the morning until at least noon. Message me if your child is working at another time. I can usually get online fairly quickly to help.

To join my Remind class, simply text the code @d33dd8g to the number 81010. If you're having trouble, please email me at jstage@lakehurstschool.org

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I graduated from Somerville High School and Rutgers University.

I have a husband and two sons. Mr. Stage works for a multi-national company. He watches football. All football. Any football. Lots of football. My older son, Jesse, works at a veterinarian's office. He loves helping animals and he likes video games. My younger son, Mitchell, graduated from Delaware Valley University in May 2018 and works full time as an assistant at a golf course in Chicago.

I love reading. Currently, I am reading the book Pachinko by Min Jin Lee. It's a novel about a Korean family. It begins in 1933 and I am at the part where WWII is taking place. In my language arts class, we just finished reading Number the Stars by Lois Lowry, which also takes place during WWII.

I love the beach. Any beach. All beaches. I can't wait to go again.

September 2019 will be the start of my 20th year in Lakehurst and my twenty-sixth in teaching.

I live in Whiting and love the woods and wildlife.

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Finally, I love teaching in Lakehurst. I have friends and neighbors who were born and raised here. I have friends who work on the base. I've been here long enough to teach the children of former students. And, I've witnessed first hand how the school and community can come together and show their love for one another.