Kate VanHouten

Director of Curriculum and Instruction



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How do we cultivate this mindset in ourselves and our students?

Belief Drives Behavior article by Dave Stuart Jr. - Check it out!

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Vision STatement

My vision is to help teachers drive their own learning and have both VOICE and CHOICE in the path they take to improve their craft. Teachers will hold themselves accountable through collaborative learning that focuses on outcomes that directly impact student growth and success within the classroom. Collaboration is the most effective format to impact student success and we will work with fidelity to promote this district wide. Within collaborative teams, we will work to implement a guaranteed and viable curriculum, create authentic formative assessments, and utilize timely data to move us toward our vision for Lake Fenton Schools. I am the LEAD LEARNER who models learning and collaboration to continue making Lake Fenton a great place to BE.


  • I will know Lake Fenton teachers and our strengths, areas of growth, interests and experiences
  • I will build relationships
  • I will celebrate accomplishments
  • I will identify problems and collaborate to brainstorm effective solutions
  • I will focus on professional learning in both traditional and nontraditional settings
  • I will promote professional learning that is innovative focusing on OUTCOME rather than seat time
  • I will work to increase our collective efficacy in Lake Fenton
  • I will maintain a personal goal of having teachers more excited about teaching in Lake Fenton than when they first arrived
  • I will work in collaboration within our professional learning community to impact change and ultimately, to promote student success #LFLeads

If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more, and become more, you are a leader.

-- John Quincy Adams