Migration Information for Lake ESC

  • At 5:00 PM on Friday, January 3rd, you will no longer be able to log into your Google account ending in @lakeesc.org.
  • After this time, you will need to log in as yourusername@escwr.org.
  • Aside from the change from @lakeesc.org to @escwr.org, there will be no change to the username format. (For example, Jane Doe who previously logged in as jdoe@lakeesc.org will log in as jdoe@escwr.org)
  • Your password will not be changed, and any data associated with your @lakeesc.org account (emails, calendars, and files) will not be affected. They will still be available when you log into your new @escwr.org account.
  • Any emails sent to your former @lakeesc.org address will still land in your @escwr.org inbox.
  • A footer is being added to all emails sent from ESCWR accounts, which contains a line to alert recipients that your email address has recently changed.

Other than the change in username to access your account, there is no action to take on your end.

If you have any additional questions not covered below, please contact Ashley Medwig at amedwig@escwr.org.

What if somebody tries to email my @lakeesc.org address after the migration?

Email sent to your @lakeesc.org address will still end up in your inbox.

My @lakeesc.org account has an email signature that will be outdated after the name change. How do I update this?

If you have set a custom signature for your emails, you may wish to update this at this time to avoid any redundancy or to update outdated organizational information. Click here for information regarding updating your custom email signature.

How will this affect my @lakeschools.net account?

@lakeschools.net accounts will not be affected. The changes will only occur to accounts ending in @lakeesc.org.

What will happen to Lake ESC student accounts used for logging into Chromebooks?

These will remain active and functional, and students will continue to log in with their usual @lakeschools.net accounts. The new @escwr.org accounts will also be able to log into Chromebooks owned by the ESC of the Western Reserve.