You have taken the first step scholastically and athletically to become part of a tradition of excellence. This website will assist you with some of the many questions that you may have regarding WHMS Wolves Athletics. Subject areas such as eligibility requirements and program rules are included in this site. Please click on the menu to see what it takes to be part of the pack.


Sports Physicals

Sports Physicals are required for participation in any intramural or interscholastic athletic program, and CANNOT be substituted with a Health Department Physical Screening for school enrollment. If the physical is dated before June of 2022, they will need to get a new physical to ensure that they will be eligible for the entire season.

All students who participate in athletics, both intramural or interscholastic must submit a completed packet before their first day of participation. This is available online, at the informational meetings for each sport, or with the Athletic Director. You will need to upload a completed copy of the physical form and the front/back of the insurance card.

  • Must be completed on or after June 1st before the beginning of the school year, no later than a day before the sport season begins.

  • It is not the same as the Pop Warner or school entry physical.

  • Part to be completed by doctor is the EL2 form and must have the stamp of the doctor's office.

  • Remaining parts of the packet must be completed in its entirety by parent/guardian.

  • Signatures where needed.

For more information on our program, visit the Information section of this page.

Online packet filled and submitted through: https://athleticclearance.fhsaahome.org/

Make sure that if you have any questions, please contact your coach or Athletic Director.

Health Insurance

  • All students must provide proof of current health insurance coverage in order to participate.

  • If student is not covered on his/her parents policy or does not have insurance, School Insurance of Florida offers two plans. For more information and to purchase a policy online, please visit School Insurance of Florida.

Academic Standards

Students participating in interscholastic competition must have a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of at least 2.0. Eligibility will be determined by the cumulative GPA at the end of the previous semester. 6th graders that are regularly promoted are eligible for the first semester of their first year, and then the normal eligibility rule applies.

Attendance Standards

All students are required to attend at least 50% of their academic schedule each school day in order to participate in athletics.

Conduct Standards

According to the Lake County Student Code of Conduct, a student receiving two (2) out of school suspensions shall lose privileges accorded to students in good standing with the Lake County School System. The loss of privilege may include: attendance and participation in extracurricular and co-curricular activities.

Controlled Substances

There is a zero tolerance policy regarding any and all use of controlled substances, including alcohol, drugs, and tobacco products.