Rules and Policies

    • Academics come first. If you are struggling in a class let your coach know and we will arrange help for you. Never neglect your homework; bring it on the bus with you.
    • Stay Clean. You made a commitment to the program and to your teammates. Any use or possession of alcohol, tobacco and or drugs will be dealt with according to the Minnesota State High School League rules.
    • Players are dressed and ready to practice at 3:30 pm
    • Practice attire includes knee pads to be worn everyday.
    • You are expected to be at practice every day. You need to inform your coach prior to missing a scheduled practice (ex: Doctor appointment or dentist appointment). Unexcused absences will affect playing time.
      • All players cannot participate in other activities during the volleyball season
      • Being gone from practices for other school or non-school related activities will be considered unexcused absences
      • If you are uncertain about whether or not you can commit to this, please do not join the team as you will be letting down your teammates and coaches
    • Players must be at all team-related events (team dinners, gatherings, fundraising, etc.)
    • Missing practice or a game due to detention or any other school implemented consequence will be dealt with at the coach’s discretion. This could result in a violation of the unexcused absence policy. Players are expected to come and observe practice for the remaining time.
    • Following a serious injury you must have a doctor’s permission to resume participation in practice or games.
    • You must be in school an entire day to practice or play in a game.
    • Take care of the locker room. It is your responsibility to pick up after yourselves.
    • If you leave school and have to miss practice, either contact Kirk Thornton at the High School or let the Athletic Department know and they can send your coach an email.
    • Anything less than exemplary bus, practice, or game conduct will constitute consequences at the coach’s discretion.
    • Managers are expected to abide by all the previous rules that pertain to them. They are also encouraged to participate in team functions and any two unexcused absences from games or team functions will result in the removal from the team. Other issues with a manager’s behavior will be left up to the coach’s discretion.
    • At the beginning of the season, all paperwork must be into the Athletic Department before you can begin practice and you must attend the Pre-Season Athletic Meeting.
    • Tryouts will take place each year
      • If you do not make the playing team, you may remain on the team as a manager, stats, video, etc.

*Religion classes are considered excused absences

Transportation Guidelines

    • The program requires that all Varsity players ride the bus with their teammates, unless a player lives out of the city limits (such as Frontenac, Oak Center or Zumbro Falls)
      • Due to conflict, the student can not ride school transportation to the event parents must make arrangements with the Athletic Director prior to the event. Parents will provide the transportation necessary for the student to attend the event. The Athletic Director will inform the coach of the arrangements.
      • Parents assume the responsibility of their child after an out of town event. At the event, the parents will inform the coach they will be taking the child. A note can be brought to the Athletic Director’s office prior too. A note must also be given to the coach.

Game day attire:

    • Home - Casual attire
    • Away - Dress in a professional manner

Social Media

    • No photos, videos, or comments showing personal use of alcohol/drugs, including holding these materials.
    • No unsportsmanlike content online, including derogatory or threatening language - this includes parents
    • No comments about players, coaches, parents - this includes parents
    • No comments about playing time, injuries, playbooks, lack of interest in the sport - this includes parents

Volleyball Lettering Requirements

  • The volleyball coaching staff believes that the following are necessary in order to letter in the sport of volleyball.
    • Coach-ability: Accept constructive criticism for what it is and learn from it. Do not look for an excuse. No one knows it all and we all learn from practice and from our experiences.
    • Willingness to Practice: At every practice you need to give 110%. Not giving your all is not fair to you or to your teammates. Practice habits will also carry over into the game when your teammates will be counting on you the most.
    • Desire to Improve: Wanting to improve is an important aspect to volleyball. The only way you will improve is if you do the things that are asked of you by the coaches in practice. Thus the reason for PRACTICE.
    • Games/Matches Played: Players need to participate in at least half of the matches played during the season in order to letter in the sport. The coaching staff will decide upon certain circumstances relating to this requirement.

***Any other circumstances related to lettering will be decided upon by the coaching staff***

Manager Responsibilities

    • First Aid Kit stocked and on bus or at team bench
    • Bag with clipboards and stat sheets on bus or on team bench
    • Arrive at home matches for the start of the B-squad game.
    • Once at Visitor’s gym, prepare for our match by getting the charts ready for stats and making sure the kit is near the coach.
    • Make sure all equipment that came with us comes back home with us.
    • Tally up all the statistic numbers and return the stat boards to the bag, and give the stat sheets to the coach.
    • All rules and policies that are in the handbook that pertain to manager must be followed.
    • Be present for all practices, notify head coach if you need to be gone for any reason
    • Prepare all stats programs/materials including iPad charging for all games and practices
    • Learn how to operate all electronic devices and video recording equipment