Tiger Trades Academy

Welcome to the Tiger Trades Academy 2022-2023 school year

On behalf of the staff at Tiger Trades Academy, we are pleased to welcome you to the 2021-22 school year.

Welcome to Tiger Trades Academy 2022-2023

Welcome back students, parents and community members. We are looking forward to a great year. We have lots of new elective classes and new clubs this year. We are expanding our work program as well as our music, art and life skill classes. We will have a student council this year and lots of other fun and educational activities. This year we are planning many opportunities for parents to get involved as well.

We are happy to welcome new staff members and some new assignments for others

William Remick-Asst. Principal

Linette Griffy-Social Studies

Demian Ryder-Science

Rayann Remick-Math

Carl McDade-Music

Rebecca Griffin-Life Skills

Jeff Fouracre-P.E.

Shannon Hinez Paraprofessional

Elena Ramsey Paraprofessional

Jenn Quintana Health Aide

Katie Morales- Secretary

If you have any questions concerns or comments, please do not hesitate to contact Ms. Borton, Mr. Olivas or myself.

Again Welcome to the TTA 2021-2022 school year and


Ken McNerney

Tiger Trades Academy Principal

If you would like to sign up for the Odyessyware Parent Portal, please give us a call.

If you are having log-in issues or internet issues please let us know.


Mr. McNerney

Mr. Remick

Tiger Trades Academy Parents,

Welcome to the TIGER TRADES ACADEMY ONLINE which is an educational opportunity that is founded in concepts that contribute to quality education. You are invited to become a part of an innovative educational process that is designed to meet the needs of every student that enrolls at TTA. The TIGER TRADES ACADEMY is a student-friendly environment that focuses on both academic and social skill development. Students are allowed to learn at their own rate while developing social skills and work skills they will use throughout life. Quality is the basis for our program; academic and social excellence is the standard by which we measure our students' success.

TIGER TRADES ACADEMY curriculum is designed to fulfill all graduation requirements. Emphasis is placed on core academics, classes including English, Math, Science, Social Studies, and Economics. TTA will be using the nationally recognized computer-based courseware of Odysseyware. In addition, individual/small group instruction will be available to assist students in achieving their educational goals.

Some Quick Rules and expectations:

1. Attendance is as requested by Instructor and is required.

2. LaJunta Public schools have outlined an ONLINE CLASSROOM ETIQUETTE. TTA students will be expected to follow these rules and guidelines. (Please see the district web site (https://www.lajuntaschools.org/) to review these rules.

3. The Oydsseyware Login and Password should be the as your Google email log in and password: link: https://lajunta.owschools.com/

4. Our Odyessyware platform works best using Chrome and the Chromebook you were assigned by the school.

5. You should utilize the tools ( script reading, note taker etc.) and videos imbedded in Odyessyware

6. If you are assigned Pretest take these tests seriously as they will determine your lessons and the instructor will not reset pretests, once the pretest is done you are required to reach out to your instructor to have them unlock the next assignments.

7. You must check your school email every day and periodically check in on the Tiger Trades Academy website as important information will be posted here.

8. Stay in contact with your instructor: there are a few ways to do this

a. Odysseyware message: this will send your instructor a message usually directly from the content question.

b. Google classroom: your teacher may have a Google classroom setup for questions and problems

Phone Contact

TTA Cell phone 719-469-5366


Email rojeda@lajunta.k12.co.us

Counselor Referral Form



Ken McNerney - Tiger Trades Academy Principal/SPED instructor - kmcnerney@lajunta.k12.co.us

William Remick - Tiger Trades Academy Assistant Principal- wremick@lajunta.k12.co.us

Molly Borton - Tiger Trades Academy Counselor - mborton@lajunta.k12.co.us

Rita Ojeda- Tiger Trades Academy Secretary-rojeda@lajunta.k12.co.us

Katie Morales- Tiger Trades Academy Secretary-kmorales@lajunta.k12.co.us

Jenn Quintana-Tiger Trades Academy Health Aid -jquintana@lajunta.k12.co.us

Melissa Davis - Tiger Trades Academy SPED Instructor - mdavis@lajunta.k12.co.us

Kristi Hartless - Tiger Trades Academy Instructor - khartless@lajunta.k12.co.us

Mike Leeb - Tiger Trades Academy Instructor - mleeb@lajunta.k12.co.us

Lisa Monaco - Tiger Trades Academy - English Instructor

Rayann Remick - Tiger Trades Academy-Math Instructor -

Demian Ryder - Tiger Trades Academy Science Instructor

Linette Griffy Tiger Trades Academy Social Studies Instructor

Marianne Hale - Tiger Trades Academy Art Instructor

Carl McDade Tiger Trades Academy Music Instructor

Jeff Fouracre - Tiger Trades Academy P.E. instructor

Rebecca Griffin - Tiger Trades Academy Life Skills

Gilbert Nava - Tiger Trades Academy Paraprofessional

Marlean Froman - Tiger Trades Academy Paraprofessional

Miranda Montano - Tiger Trades Academy Paraprofessional

Shannon Hinez Tiger Trades Academy Paraprofessional