Speciality show for Romagna water dogs 2019

Welcome to speciality show for Romagna water dogs on 9th of June 2019.

CAC-show, also Puppy Classes (5 months to under 7 months and 7 months to under 9 months), Progeny Class and unofficial Brace Class

Showplace: Tuomarinkartanon vinttikoirakeskus, Tuomarinkyläntie 1, 00690 Helsinki

Judgeing in rings starts at 10:00.

Organizer: Finnish Lagotto club (Finnish: Suomen Lagottoklubi ry)

Estimated ring schedule:

Ring 1, 49 lagottos

Judge Alberto Marengoni, Italy

10:00 Puppies, 10 lagottos

Dogs, baby class, 1

Dogs, puppy class, 1

Bitches, baby class, 7

Bitches, puppy class, 1

10:45 Males, 39 lagottos

Junior class, 9

Intermediate class, 3

11:30 Open class, 13

12:15 Champion class, 10

Veteran class, 4

Ring 2, 51 lagottos

Judge Orietta Zilli, Italy

10:00 Bitches, 51 lagottos

Junior class, 18

11:00 Intermediate class, 13

Open class, 3

12:00 Champion class, 13

Veteran class, 4


Puppies and males: Alberto Marengoni, Italy, reserve judge: Orietta Zilli

Bitches: Orietta Zilli, Italy, reserve judge: Alberto Marengoni

Final competitions:

BIS puppy Alberto Marengoni

BIS junior Alberto Marengoni

BIS veteran Alberto Marengoni

BIS breeder Orietta Zilli

BIS progeny Alberto Marengoni

BIS bracei Orietta Zilli

Best head in show Orietta Zilli

Best curls in show Alberto Marengoni

Best in show Orietta Zilli


Only dogs whose entry fees are paid and entry forms sent by 17th of May 2019 at the latest are accepted.

Entry fees:

Fees for members of Finnish Lagotto club (ONLINE ENTRY):

30 € first dog, each additional dog of the same owner 25€

Puppies and veterans 10 €

Veterans over 10 years free of charge when entried to veteran class

Fees for non-members, entries ONLY by email or by post :

40€ first dog, each additional dog of the same owner, puppies and veterans 35€

Veterans over 10 years free of charge when entried to veteran class

Payment to be made to the Finnish Lagotto club (Suomen Lagottoklubi ry) account:

Suomen Lagottoklubi ry


IBAN: FI55 4260 0010 3222 50

Reference number: 606255


Entries as open letter with dogs information either by e-mail as an attached pdf-document lagottoerkkari@gmail.com

Brace class: for a male and a bitch bred or owned by the same person (both dogs must be individually entered in any of the official classes). Entry via email or by post. No entry fee.

Remember to enclose the copy or receipt of the payment with the entry form. Entry forms without a copy of the receipt will not be accepted. In the e-mail entries, print screen picture of the receipt is valid proof of the payment (use jpeg, pdf or word format).

In order to get the reduced entry fee for the second etc. dog, you must send all entry forms and receipt of the payment in the same envelope or attached to the same e-mail. The discount is calculated only on the full rate entry, not puppies or veterans.

Other instructions

Please enclose a Championship Certificate to enter the Champion Class.

By signing the entry form the exhibitor guarantees to obey the valid show regulations and vaccination instructions of the Finnish Kennel Club.

Enquiries: lagottoerkkari@gmail.com

NB! There is a speciality show for group 8 in the same show place, day before our speciality: http://www.showlink.fi/shows/lkc2019/