About Me

Hi I’m Joe LaClare. Like most guys, I spend much of my time working. I develop online learning curriculum and in my spare time I do some technology consulting. And even though this is the way that I generate income, it’s not my full time job...well not to me anyway. Don’t get me wrong, I love what I do. I get to work on some really cool stuff and helping people and companies grow is a deep passion of mine. But truth be told, I consider all of this my side hustle. My real job, my career, the thing that I am most passionate about is being a really good dad.

You see, there’s a real problem in society today. Fatherlessness touches over 24 million homes in this country and many of us, myself included, have had, or will have a childhood devoid of a solid father figure in their home. In some cases, like mine, this might actually be the best possible solution, but it still sucks. Our kids deserve better. We deserved better. As a society, we have to right this ship. We can’t let our kids grow up with role models like John Marston, Col. MacTavish, and Tommy Vercetti. If you don’t know who they are, ask your kids. If they know, you definitely want to subscribe to my podcast. Our children need better, more realistic heros. When little, a Dad needs to be their favorite Superhero, and as those children age, they need to to see a father who can stomach hard times, failure, and defeat by getting their butts off the couch and pushing through...especially when it feels impossible. We need dads who can take a hit and still work while being fully prepared to take the next one.

We can’t predict the future and we can’t change the past. We can however put everything we’ve got into intentionally parenting our children in the present so that they have the best chance of becoming amazing contributors to society in their future. I’m not going to judge people on their parenting or tell people how to parent, but the goal of Fatherhood is simple….Dad Like You Mean It! If we can master that, then I believe the desired result will naturally follow.

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