Prototyping is the Education of the Future

My name is Sebastian Graf, founder of LabJunkys. This project started with the humble goal of being a self education environment. Teaching myself the technical expertise needed to get into cool prototyping labs, as either a researcher or engineer. Today the goal of LabJunkys has become much broader. The project has evolved into the research of manufacturing and automation processes.

By operating on a lean startup model, I've made it possible to continue LabJunkys almost indefinitely, leveraging my time for goals that might be considered ambitious at best. Building on open source concepts from an amazing DIY community, today it's possible to produce hardware capable of complex manufacturing feats. The standards of next generation of consumer products are going to be much more personalized.

Using machine vision with, 3D printing, laser cutting, CNC Milling, and a pick & place for electronics or specialty parts, will allow the manufacturing of end user (consumer) goods in a single step. This changes logistics as we know it, allowing for one off goods created at the time of order. These processes altogether will be referred to as "printing" by the next generation of consumers. Product printing might be analogous to the system used by for their book orders, often printing the books as the customer buys them on the site. This massively effects the raw material, logistics and quality control by keeping order fulfillment in-house.

Research categories:

  • Diode Pumped Solid State Lasers (DPSSL) Development, Inline QC Spectroscopy
  • Ferromagnetic fluids, Alternatives to printed solder, Thermoplastics Development
  • Electromagnetic "printing" System and CAD tool Development
  • Next Generation 3D printing techniques (Metal, Glass, Plastic and Rubber)
  • General Manufacturing System (GMS), Development of products for the GMS Catalog
  • VR/AR CAD tools, Human Machine interfaces and Unity Game development

" The future of our species is directly proportional to the development of our Technology, this has always been and should be until the end of the 21st century"

-- Sebastian Graf

Humans Need Not Apply -- By CGP Grey

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