The Rainbow Pridecast is a podcast devoted to highlighting the voices of LGBTQ+ individuals and allies from Maryland and beyond to increase awareness and promote advocacy for the LGBTQ+ community.

Eric Marcus, author, journalist, and creator of the Making Gay History Podcast

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Episode 28: Eric Marcus (author, journalist, and creator of the Making Gay History Podcast) joins us to talk about podcasting, LGBTQ+ history, his own personal struggles, and some of the books he's currently reading. *Content Warning - suicide and AIDS are discussed in this episode.

Episode 28: Eric Marcus, American Journalist, author

Episode 27: Lesléa Newman, author

Episode 26: Storm Hogan, LGBTQ+ community advocate

Episode 25: Dr. Dana Beyer, transgender rights advocate

Episode 24: Olanrele Oni and Justin Fair of Unmatched Athlete

Episode 23: Zen Uzoma, Derek Lindsey, and Jill Franquelli of Queers 4 Black Lives

Episode 22: Jey Ehrenhalt, School Based Program & Grant Coordinator @ Teaching Tolerance Read ...

Episode 21: Matthew Molyett, District 1 Candidate for HCPSS BOE Read more...

Episode 20: Adiba Jaigirdar, author of The Henna Wars. read more...

Episode 19: Amara Rhoads, Jordon Malcolm, and Emma Kohanski of HoCo for Justice read more...

Episode 18: Carly LeDroux, Carly Fuller Photography

Episode 17: Jennifer Sulin-Stair, Dr. Lynch, and Dr. Sway of Catonsville Read more...

Episode 16: Zachary Koung, Student Member of the Board for HCPSS

Episode 15: Jumel Howard, Vice President of PFLAG, Howard County

Episode 14: Shawn Theron, Artist AKA SOGH

Episode 13: Kirsten Coombs, HCPSS BoE

Episode 12: Zack Smedley, author

Episode 11: Justin Tindall, It Gets Better Project

Episode 10: Maya Carey, Hopeworks Howard County

Episode 9: tree turtle, Baltimore Wisdom Project

Episode 8: Amy Bram, Camp Brave Trails

Episode 7: Chris Hefty, RYA & HoCo Pride

Episode 6: Zoe Sanders and Isabel Berry, Torn a one-act play

Episode 5: Ezra Halstead, FreeState Justice

Episode 4: Uma Fox, MoCo Student Advocate

Episode 3: Ace Schwarz, Teaching Outside the Binary

Episode 2: Ying Matties, Suzi Gerb, and Robyn Page of CARY

Episode 1: Uma Ribeiro, Editor of Rainbow Vision

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