The 2nd International Workshop on Democracy and AI (DemocrAI 2023)

in conjunction with IJCAI 2023

August 20th, 2023

Macao, S.A.R

Online crowd-based platforms are currently driving the creation of new forms of democracy. These new platforms are primarily designed to address the limitations caused by geographical, cultural, religious, and ethnic divides. AI-assisted democracy is a promising idea that pledges to take full advantage of AI's capabilities in supporting the collaborative activities of humans, in gathering, sharing, and coming up with solutions to wicked problems that humanity is currently facing.

The success of AI-based democracy depends on many criteria, such as the availability of online platforms for democratic decision-making, the research on formal theories of democratic collaboration, the methodologies to evaluate democratic deliberation, the existence of a socio-psychological understanding of democracy, and the identification of the ethical and legal issues surrounding the integration of AI in society. Such processes are complex and often involve various epistemic constraints along the concurrent activities of the stakeholders. Given the premise that AI systems should be, in principle, smart enough to alleviate these issues, various technologies could be combined to this end, and include multiagent systems, machine learning, game theory, mechanism design, argumentation theories, computational social choice, preference elicitation, case-based reasoning, and so forth.

The 2nd International Workshop on Democracy and AI (DemocrAI 2023) investigates novel pathways to democracy using agent-based methodologies and tools, relevant formal theories, and ethical, legal, and socio-psychological insights on democracy and its future. The DemocrAI 2023 workshop calls for novel and insightful contributions pertinent to the following topics:

Researchers and practitioners in various communities of AI, autonomous agents, multiagent systems, sociology, and social psychology, are actively working on these issues. This workshop aims to bring together people from these communities to learn about each other's approaches to AI-empowered democracy, encourage the cross-disciplinary exchange of ideas, and foster long-term research collaborations.

The research on AI-based democracy is highly relevant to some of the critical objectives of the International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence (IJCAI) community. The DemocrAI 2023 workshop will be an excellent opportunity for researchers and experts who wish to share their preliminary insights on any workshop topics. There are currently few workshops in AI venues geared toward agent-based crowd decision-making, as most workshops focus on narrower topics in AI. Our workshop is paramount to spurring wider discussions on novel agent-based tools and technologies of crowd collaboration with real social implications.

Please contact Rafik (rafik.hadfi [at] if you have any questions or requests.