The K.V.S Club 50 Bird Derby

Every Friday Night

Practice Starts 6pm

The Derby Start Time Depends on the Time of year.

25 Bird Practice $5.00

Targets & Average $11.00

Program is 25-16's and 25 Handicap. 16's Determine Handicap Yardage.

Min. 20 yards Max. 27 yards.

We will resquad after 16's.

Shoot Options

Lewis $2.00

2nd 25 $2.00

(1st and 2nd Place on Handicap)

Long Run $1.00

(Whoever goes the farthest without missing! From Target #1 to 50)

Total $5.00

(1st,2nd,3rd Place)

$21.00 Plays it All

Bring Your Own Ammo!


Wayne Manley

Shells and Reloading Components

(217) 459-2077

R.R. #1, Box 176

Windsor, IL 61957

Give Wayne a call tell him you found him on here!!

50 Bird Derby Live Results