Home of the Timberwolves

Welcome to our Hubbard family. Our school is home to Kuna Headstart, Kuna School District Developmental Preschool, and grades K- through 3rd. We love our learning community, and we know you will also. #youareawesome

Timberwolves Chant

Each day we recite the Timberwolves Chant and Mantra during our morning announcements. We believe in a growth mindset at our school, and we know we will just keep going!

Every day I'll try my best.

I will not quit. I will not rest.

Until my brain has grown a bit,

and I have learned how to do it.

If I fail, I'll be ok,

I'll just try a different way.




Gooooo Timberwolves!

Coloring is More Than Just Fun

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Student Safety is a Priority

Check out this video to learn a very simple thing you can practice at home to help your child in case of an emergency or other situation. Also found out how Hubbard staff members help your child know who is safe to talk to and who isn't.

Smarty Ants Preschool Learning Program

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