3rd Kyoto University LifeScience Showcase
@ San Diego 2022

via ZOOM

March 1, 2022 2- 5:30pm (PST)
March 2, 2022 7-10:30am (JST)

Start-ups stemming from academia who have state-of-the-art innovations with solid science and technologies will participate the event, and present their novel technologies and seeds in the life science fields including pharmaceuticals, regenerative medicine, medical devices, and diagnostics. Participants who are interested in investing on medical area innovations will be welcomed.

Registration fee : Free
contact : info@kurcsd.com


* The program is subject to change.
* At the end of each presentation, we will ask everyone to vote for their evaluation and the results will be used to determine the Audience Award.

2:00pm(PST) Opening remarks

2:05pm(PST) Session1 “Immunology and infectious diseases” sponsored by Kyoto University

KinoPharma Inc.

Novel antiviral agent in clinical stage for HPV infection

CarbGeM Inc.

Combating antimicrobial resistance problem with diagnostic support AI

Rebirthel Co., Ltd.

Development of off-the-shelf T cell therapy for cancer and viral infection using the iPS cell technology

SUDx-Biotec Corporation

Chimeric Antigen Receptor expressed Natural iller Cells for the treatment of Adult T-cell Leukemia (CAR-NK for ATL)

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2:50pm(PST) Session 2 "Medical devices" sponsored by LINK-J

Lilac pharma Inc.

Our microfluidic technology unlocks a future of individualized mRNA vaccine therapy

R-NanoBio Co. Ltd.

Multiple analysis system at a clinic

Triple W

DFree - Wearable device for urinary incontinence

AquaTeX Medical

Aqua Embolic System: Novel Liquid Embolic System for Endovascular Surgery

3:35pm(PST) Session 3 "Small molecules and oligonucleotides" sponsored by FBRI

Takaha Pharma Co. Ltd.

Development of ATP enhancer [a combination drug of febuxostat and inosine] effective for mitochondrial disease, Parkinson's disease, and dementia

BTB Drug Development Research Center

Non-addictive, non-opioid, post-NSAID painkiller


Contributing to Global Healthcare through Innovation of Oligonucleotide Synthesis Technology

Autoimmunity BioSolutions

Correcting Immunity with Targeted Therapies (MS, immuno oncology)

4:20pm(PST) Session 4 "Regenerative medicine" sponsored by JETRO

PuREC Co., Ltd.

Bone/Cartilage Regeneration by Uniquely Purified MSC, “REC”.


‐The Authentic‐ Advanced iPSC-derived Cell Therapy Against Heart Failure

HiLung Inc.

Human Respiratory Cell Regeneration

Oligogen, Inc.

Novel stem cell treatment for central nervous system disorders

5:05pm(PST) Award ceremony

5:20pm(PST) Closing remarks

5:25pm(PST) Adjourn


Paul Roben, Ph.D.

Associate Vice Chancellor, Innovation and Commercialization, UC San Diego

Petra Stegmann, Ph.D.

Senior Director, Springboard Accelerator Program at CONNECT

Jay Kunin, Ph.D.

Adjunct Professor of University of San Diego, Boards of PharmaSecure, Inc. and Sironis, Inc

Rieko Yajima, Ph.D.

Director, Drug Discovery Innovation SPARK Program in Translational Research, Stanford University