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Faculty of Sports Science as a source of knowledge And production staff with expertise in sports science. And health to the universal.


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Our Featured Courses are selected through a rigorous process and uniquely created for each semester.
B.S. (Program in Sports and Exercise Science)
M.S. (Athletic Training and Movement Science)
M.S. (Sports Science)
M.S. (Sports Management) International Program
Ph.D. (Sports and Exercise Science)

Our lecturer

Siriporn Sasimontonkul, Ph.D.

Biomechanics in sports.Sport Medicine.
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Ratree Ruangthai, Ed.D.

Physiology of Exercise Aquatic Exercise
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Isadee Kudinthara, Ph.D.

Sport Marketing Sport Management
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Niromlee Makajae, Ph.d.

Physiology of Exercise and Sports Science of Soccer and Futsal Training
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