Welcome to the Kaskaskia Special Education District #801 Website.

KSED #801 is a special education cooperative whose Central Office is located in Centralia Illinois. KSED #801 partners with its thirty member school districts within the Clinton, Marion, and Washington Counties. KSED strives to provide integral special education services, support, and leadership to our member districts and the needs of the students within their districts.

KSED offers a full continuum of program and services to students of its member districts, including but not limited to:

  • Student Assessment
  • Consultation & collaboration
  • Related Services
  • Alternative School Programs
  • Integrated Support Services
  • Individualized Behavioral and Curricular Interventions
  • Staff Development
  • Compliance Monitoring
  • Fiscal Administration
  • Prevention Services

KSED Central Office

224 South Locust St.

Centralia, IL 62801

Phone: 618.532.4721

Fax: 618.532.0004


KSED Needs Assessment

As part of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), each school district or special education joint agreement is required to conduct an annual survey to prioritize the needs of students with disabilities.

Our objectives in this survey are to determine both the service needs of the children with disabilities in the districts, and the professional development needs of educators who work with these children.

IDEA provides that needs may be assessed by sampling the views of parents, teachers, support staff, administrators, and board members. We earnestly request that you give us your input regarding the educational needs of our children with disabilities, so that the best possible services can be provided.

Every response is vital. Thank you for your assistance.

All completed surveys must be submitted no later than Friday, May 3, 2019