Kentucky School for the Deaf is working toward becoming Accredited through the Conference for Educational Administrators of Schools for the Deaf. Self Assessment Surveys are part of the CEASD Accreditation Process and your opinion matters!

We invite our stakeholders and partners to provide input on EACH standard, but you are not required to do all 12.

KSD Mission Statement

The Kentucky School for the Deaf is committed to empowering students who are Deaf and Hard of Hearing by providing a bilingual, equitable and holistic education in both ASL and English in a language rich environment by equipping students with tools needed to ensure academic success and self-actualization, including high quality teaching and learning, opportunities for social development and language learning opportunities.

KSD Vision Statement

Kentucky School for the Deaf strives to educate learners within a diverse and bilingual environment. Using early intervention, outreach, and post-secondary transition for students, KSD focuses on raising the whole child. The services received along the students' journey will support them while developing both academically and linguistically to guide them to live as productive citizens.