Kula Ha‘aha‘a Distance Learning

Welcome to our Distance Learning Website!

This website is intended to describe general actions and approaches that Kula Haʻahaʻa will take as we engage in distance learning during a campus closure. Specific information, lessons, and assignments will be communicated directly from our kummu to you and your keiki. In addition, continue to check for email updates from the Poʻo Kula's office for pertinent information regarding school closure and distance learning. Please use the drop down menus at the top to navigate through our website.

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Distance Learning Supports

Please know that we are here to support you! Donʻt hesitate to contact our faculty and staff if you have any questions or need support with anything.

A lesson, assignment, or resource

Your Respective Kumu

See KES Staff Directory for more Information

Technology Devices

Grades K-6: Nadine Jacang najacang@ksbe.edu

Personal, Academic, or Emotional Concerns

Spiritual Support

Christian Education Kumu

Kahu Ann Young anyoung@ksbe.edu
Crystal Nakamaejo crnakama@ksbe.edu

Rachel Justice rajustice@ksbe.edu

Other Issues Related to Distance Learning

Nā Hope Poʻokumu


Grades K-2: Kehau Akiona

Phone: 842-8030Email: chakiona@ksbe.edu

Grades 3-4: Keola Silva

Phone: 842-8617Email: sesilva@ksbe.edu

Grades 5-6: Jeannine Fujimori

Phone: 842-8093Email: jefujimo@ksbe.edu

The KES Distance Learning Plans

Curriculum Coordinator

Tessaley Antone

Phone: 842-8383

Email: teantone@ksbe.edu