Get Involved

I kanaka no ' oe ke mālama i ke kanaka.

You will be well served when you care for the person who serves you.

'Ōlelo No ' eau #1185

Becoming a centralized location for sustainability on Maui is what Hulihia strives to be.

Hulihia welcomes help in many forms!

  • Offer your time and expertise in the field

  • Stay updated with our news by joining our mailing list

  • Help spread the word about Hulihia

  • Donate funds to our organization

  • Join us at our next scheduled event to learn more

Community Input Needed!

Hulihia is looking for Maui community members to talk about the issues most critical to them! Community members have already talked about water rights, Hawaiian language, land usage, and much more!

Visit the Link below to contribute! Input is welcome from any Maui community member/resident.