Login Help

You DO NOT need a gmail account to sign in...

  1. If you already have a Gmail account make sure we have it on file for permission to member section. As long as you are logged into our gmail account, you will have permission to view the member section.
  2. You do NOT have a gmail account and want to use your current email as you login all you need to:
    • Let Google know the email address you want to use and set a password for it.
    • Make sure GOM has your email address on file for permission to the member section.

3. Email our webmaster to us them know your email is set up with a Google password.


Watch the 3 minute video below to see step by step set up of your Google Account and Password.

Fill in the blanks with your current information.

  • Use the email address that you currently have at yahoo or verizon or tampabay.rr or wherever it is.
  • Create you own password and set up the account. Verify the set up with the email that Google sends to you.
  • Log on to Google.com and your all set.

Once Google knows who you are, and you've let our webmaster know you are set up, it will allow you to view the private information. Let us know if you have any problem.