Kyle Brumbaugh

Your Google Ecosystem

Each classroom has its own ecosystem, the way teaching and learning happens. Participants will learn how to connect all of the Google Tools into your classroom to make your life and the lives of your students easier and more efficient. Making this process work for all of your families develops partnerships that facilitate and empower students to achieve to their highest potential.

No Tech To High Tech

Would you like to integrate more technology into your classroom, but don’t have the devices or funds to make it happen? This session will explore all of the different ways you can bring technology into your classroom for little or no cost and allow you and your students to supercharge the learning in your classroom everyday of the year.

Hyperdocs for Learning

The role of teachers is changing. We still need teachers to be content and educational experts, but we need teachers to become master curators, so that they can provide the content to individualize learning for each student in their class. Additionally, you can provide the content to parents as well to make them partners in their student’s education. This session will help you create Hyperdocs, which are curated resources for students and families.

Jon Corippo

Stop Calling on Random Students

Calling on random students is not the best way to “find out what kids know”. Jon Corippo will share two awesome pedagogies that feature free apps you can use to find out what everyone in the class knows - not just a random student chosen by a popsicle stick. As a bonus - this approach to using formative assessment will dramatically reduce teachers’ grading and paperwork load.

4Cs Throwdown

It’s one thing to say a district will focus on a 4Cs (Collaboration, Creativity, Communication and Critical Thinking) approach to classroom instruction, but quite another to see teachers actually rolling these kinds of lessons out in class. Jon Corippo will be sharing a fun and engaging way to reconsider “classroom classics” with a 4Cs lens - focusing on what the kids do in class, as opposed to just handing out worksheets. Jon will be sharing the mindset needed to move from a textbook based model of lesson design to something really wonderful.

UDL: Easier, Better, More Effective

News flash: “Differentiation” doesn’t mean a different worksheet for each student. Differentiation means better initial instruction, more access to the content by students than just a textbook and more ways to demonstrate competency than just a multiple choice quiz or an essay. Jon Corippo has been textbook free since 1999 - come see what he’s learned!

Use Iron Chef Lessons to Eliminate Lecture, Boost Learning

Why are cooking shows so engaging? There are a couple immutable elements: 1. A time limit 2. Mise en place (all the little pieces, ready to go) 3. A sense of fun and creativity. 4. Public review. Jon Corippo will be sharing this fun and friendly workflow as a way to minimize lecture in your classroom, while adding loads of edtech skills and getting kids immediate feedback (no more weekend grading, please!). Come learn the Iron Chef Protocol to add a lot of “veggies” to your current lesson planning meal.

Lucy Gray

Fun with Formative Assessment

Attendees will learn about the latest and greatest in educational technology related to formative assessment. Join us to experiment with many free and interactive tools that will help you assess learning in your classroom no matter what grade level!

Exploring Instructional Uses of YouTube

We will investigate classroom uses of YouTube videos and tools in this session. YouTube is the world’s second largest search engine, yet many educators discount this video repository as a source of useful educational content. Come discover how to curate content from educational YouTube channels and publish videos to your own channel. Find out about little known features that will allow you to creatively incorporate YouTube into your classroom!

Social Media for Personalized Professional Development

In this session, Lucy Gray will tell the story of her own professional empowerment through social media and will highlight digital tools that will allow attendees to customize their own professional development experiences. Learn how to discover new and exciting resources for the classroom and to develop connections with innovative educators around the world.

Robert Pronovost

Making a Movement: STEM & Making in Schools

STEM? STEAM? STREAM? Making? Coding? A whirlwind hour looking at trends in incorporating hands-on & digital learning into our classrooms.

Storytelling with Video Games and Blocks

Using the Common Core Standards for writing, we will explore the use of Bloxels as a way to engage students in storytelling through game design. Bloxels consists of a physical board where a game designer can customize levels, characters, and items while building a comprehensive platformer video game. Participants will leave with a prototype of a Bloxels video game on their device and ideas around how the use of Bloxels can support learning in their classroom. One iOS or Android device required per pair.

Maker-Centered Thinking Routines

Makerspaces and the Maker Movement are all the rage. But how can we intentionally build a maker culture in our schools that allows all to participate, especially those who are typically excluded or ignored? We will engage in a maker-centered learning Thinking Routine developed by Agency by Design that will engage participants in taking apart an object and analyzing it. Time will be incorporated to debrief and reflect on how this supports an equity-lens approach to teaching and learning.