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Airport transfer - Mercedes van

AIRPORT Transfers - KRK, KTW (other airports on request)

We can arrange transportation - to and from the airport / apartment-house.

There will be a driver waiting at the airport terminal with your name on a board.

Krakow Airport Balice (KRK)

* 1 - 4 people, sedan car: 80 PLN (4 people can fit the car only if carrying small luggage)

* 1 - 4 people, mini van: 100 PLN

* 5 - 7 people, van: 110 PLN

Katowice Airport Pyrzowice (KTW)

* 1 - 4 people, sedan: 440 PLN (4 people can fit the car only if carrying small luggage)

* 1 - 4 people, mini van: 500 PLN

* 5 - 7 people, van: 500 PLN

* for transfers after 10 p.m. please add extra 10 PLN per transfer

Krakow In One Day Tour

If you want to visit Krakow and learn about its culture, lifestyle and history, the easiest way to do it is joining our daily city guide by an electric car. Take part of this adventure and do a sightseeing through over 58 historical places of the city!

Duration: 3 hours.

Price: 75 PLN per person

This tour includes:

· audio guide in English or other languages

· air-conditioned electric cars.

Salt Mine Wieliczka Tour

During the tour you will have a chance to visit 20 historic chambers connected by 2 kilometres of passages.

The historic Salt Mine in Wieliczka is the only site in the world where mining has continued since the Middle Ages.

Duration: 4 hours.

Price: from 175-185 PLN per adult, 165-175 PLN per student, 100 PLN per child

Auschwitz/Birkenau Tour

During the tour you will have a chance to visit the permanent exhibition and original buildings on the grounds of the Main Camp Auschwitz and visit the most important original objects at Birkenau.

Duration: 6-7 hours.

Price: from 175 PLN per adult, 155 PLN per student, 100 PLN per child

Zakopane/ The Tatras Tour

Zakopane is the winter capital of Poland, thanks to its splendid natural scenery, its pistes and hiking trails, and a rich folk culture.

During this trip you will visit:

  • the highlander’s cottage where you will taste the traditional highlander cheese ‘oscypek’
  • the Koliba Villa, the Museum of Zakopane style
  • the Mount Gubałówka from where you will see peaks of the Tatra Mountains.

Having returned to the oldest part of Zakopane, you will have a chance to visit the enormous regional market and have lunch in a regional restaurant serving local specialities while enjoying your free time.

Duration: 9-10 hours.

Price: 260 PLN per adult, 250 PLN per student, children up to 3 years goes for free

Short movie about this tour:


Dunajec River Soft Rafting Tour

Discover the most spectacular gorge of Europe – the Dunajec River George. You will have a chance to admire one of the most amazing scenery of the Polish highlands!

Duration: 8-9 hours.

Price: 2 people – 360 PLN ;

3 people – 270 PLN; 4 people – 230 PLN

Wadowice – Hometown of John Paul II

We will take you on a sentimental journey in the south of Poland. We’ll acquaint you with the papal history of John Paul II. You will find out what kind of person he was, what philosophy he followed and in what manner he defended Catholic values. You will visit his house in Wadowice as well as Kalwaria Zebrzydowska – the largest Calvary shrine in Europe.

Duration: 7 hours.

Price: 235 PLN per adult, 225 PLN per student

Częstochowa/ Black Madonna Tour

Visit Poland’s spiritual heart on a tour to the town of Częstochowa. Follow in the footsteps of millions of pilgrims as you gaze upon the “Black Madonna” at the Jasna Góra Monastery. You have a chance to see the 600th-Anniversary Museum and the Treasury. On the way back we stop at the restaurant settled at the foot of the ruins of ‘Olsztyn’ Castle where you have time for a meal and a chance to admire a magnificent view.

Duration: 8-9 hours.

Price: 280 PLN per adult, 270 PLN per student

Schindler's Factory

Kraków is a city with centuries-old history. During the Second World War the city became a scene of many horrifying events but also a witness of many acts of human heroism. If you want to explore this part of city history choose the tour Krakow under Nazi occupation.

Duration: 2 hours.

Price: 70 PLN per adult, 65 PLN per student

Folk Show

We would like to invite you for a Folk Show performance which is a chance to take part in the presentation of national Polish dances like Polonaise, Mazurek, Oberek, Kujawiak. Not only will you have an opportunity to hear and listen to folk music but also to dance and sing regional songs with the Krakowianie group. At the same time you will taste delicious home – made specialties of Polish cuisine

Price per person:

11 IV 2018 - 13 IV 2018 - 99 PLN

14 IV - 31 XII 2018 - 119 PLN

Tyskie Brewery

We will show you how one of the best and most popular Polish beers, Tyskie, is brewed. You will taste it and understand why the Poles like it so much!

Duration: 6 hours.

Price per person: 2 people - 300 PLN; 3 people - 260 PLN

4 people - 190 PLN; 5-9 people - 190 PLN; 10 people - 150 PLN

All prices include:

· transportation (if needed) with the tour leader

· guiding in English (other languages - available on request)

· entrance tickets