Creating intelligent systems for

Robotics and Edge AI applications


Robotics and Edge AI applications need efficient and reliable computer systems optimized for tasks such as computer vision, natural language processing, automatic speech recognition.

Designing and implementing such systems requires highly specialized knowledge and takes many person-years, while poor choices lead to wasted effort and uncompetitive products.

Our rare interdisciplinary expertise spanning Machine Learning and Computer Systems, and revolutionary workflow technology empower us to design ultra-efficient intelligent systems for Robotics and Edge AI.

We help Robotics and Edge AI companies

To produce superior designs by combining best technologies.

To slash the development time and costs by 10-50x.

To gain competitive advantage and respond to change fast.

Who we are

Dr Anton Lokhmotov

Founder & CEO

Dr Leo Gordon

Chief Architect

Gavin Simpson

Principal Engineer

Catapulting Robotics and Edge AI products

Our clients range from global corporations to stealth-mode AI hardware startups. They entrust us optimizing standard and custom AI models and software for their diverse hardware.

Using our unique expertise and revolutionary workflow technology, we help you catapult to market your Robotics and Edge AI products by designing their "brains" - complete AI/software/hardware stacks - that best meet your requirements.

Kindling Robotics & Artificial Intelligence at the Edge.

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