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Google Classroom

What is Google Classroom?

Classroom is a free web-based platform that integrates your G Suite for Education account with all your G Suite services, including Google Docs, Gmail, and Google Calendar. Classroom saves time and paper, and makes it easy to create classes, distribute assignments, communicate, and stay organized.

What can I access Google Classroom on?

You can access Google Classroom through many ways:

  • PC/Mac/Laptop

  • Tablet/Smart Phone (Android and iOS devices, the phone screens are small and are not advised)

  • Chromebook

  • Games Console

How do I log into Google classroom?

The link to access Google Classroom -

Google Guardian

What is Google Guardian and what should parents see when they accept the Guardian Summaries invite for Classroom?

Google Guardian will allow you to receive a weekly summary of upcoming and missing work. You will need to click on the link to accept the invite in your email as soon as possible.

Further Information on Google Guardian from the Google Support pages:

What is Google Guardian?

Google Guardian FAQ's

What is expected of your child each day?

Each class will be set assignments on Google Classroom. Tasks are assigned on a daily basis. They must submitted back to the teacher in Google Classroom by the expected due date.

Tips for Parents and Students

Establish routines and expectations: start times, breaks and lunch at school are at clear times. Maintaining this routine can help maintain a positive work ethic. Avoid spending the day in your pyjamas!

Identify a clear physical space in which to work: this will make it easier to focus on your learning, without other distractions.

Talk about the plan for the day, and the assignments ahead: spending extended time working at home is unfamiliar territory. Talking about how things are going can help pre-empt any problems.

Set times to be on and offline: There will be more screen time than normal whilst working at home. You may have to share devices with family members, and setting time limits in advance can help manage this successfully. Equally, spending time offline is important to maintain a sense of balance in the day.

Remember to exercise: Your well being is enhanced by physical activity, so do make time for this. Mr Kelley has planned some excellent activities. This can really help if you are feeling anxious, which is completely normal whilst you are working from home.

Talk about things on your mind: it is a big adjustment working from home every day, and having done it before does not necessarily make it easier. Talk about how things are going. The international and local situation is highly changeable. It is normal to feel uncertainty about this too. Be conscious of how much of the news you watch and talk about what you are watching.

Read a book: Escape, relax, unwind. Look after yourself.

Family Help: We are acutely aware that home learning places additional pressures on pupils, parents and families. We do want to support parents in these difficult times and would like to point you toward resources, organisations and people that can help. We recommend the following organisations that are specifically here to help families with a wide range of issues:

1. - a website with a wide range of support, including adult well-being, phone helpline is very good.

2. - Harrow based support of local organisations providing help with law, citizen’s advice and food parcels.

Do remember that you will probably be facing the same issues as other families and there may well be support available.

Do keep talking, cooking, eating, playing games, exercising and singing together with your child/children. School work is important, but there are other priorities too.

On-site provision

We are open for Key workers' children, children with a EHCP and vulnerable students in all year groups.

If you are a key worker please contact the school by phone or email (


Please discuss e-safety with your child/ren before they return to the Distance Learning programme. Our resources to help you do this are here: E-Safety Information - E-SAFETY PAGE

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

How do I access Google Classroom?

To access Google Classroom please use the link -

Please ensure that your child is logged in with their school Google username for e.g. If you are having difficulty logging in then it could be that the parent’s google account is logged in and not the child.

Google's Support Page

You can access Google Classroom through many ways:

  • PC/Mac/Laptop

  • Tablet/Smart Phone (Android and iOS devices, the phone screens are small and not advised)

  • Chromebook

  • Games Console (see instructions below)

How can I access Google Classroom from Xbox or PS4

The following six consoles are comparable with the Google Classroom platform:

  • Microsoft’s Xbox One

  • Xbox Series S

  • Xbox Series X

  • Sony’s PlayStation 4

  • PS4 Pro

  • PS5

Your child will also require a USB keyboard able to fully access Google Classroom’s educational services.

How to use Google Classroom on Microsoft Xbox:

The Xbox consoles have access to Microsoft Edge – the developer’s pre-installed web browser. Microsoft Edge can be used to access Google Classroom, in addition to other online education services.

  • Begin by plugging a wired keyboard into an Xbox One, Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S via one of its many USB ports.

  • Next, press the Xbox button top-centre on the controller and navigate to the side menu’s My Games & Apps.

  • Now tap See All before scrolling down to Apps, which should present Microsoft Edge in the icons on the right-hand side.

  • Once opened, enter into the URL bar and log in as you would on a regular desktop or laptop computer via an educational Gmail account.

  • Pupils can either use an Xbox controller to move the cursor or a separate USB mouse plugged into one of the other ports.

How to use Google Classroom on PS4 and PS5:

The PlayStation 4 has its own web browser that is easy to find on the PlayStation 4. However, be aware this process is a little trickier on the newer PS5 as there is no way to open the browser natively.

PS5 users should instead open the System Settings, then the User Guide. This will open up an online user manual inside a PS5 web browser page, meaning users need only to change the URL. In all other regards, the rest of the steps are identical to the PS4.

  • Start by plugging a wired keyboard and mouse into one of the many USB ports on the PS4 or PS5.

  • Next, enter into the browser’s URL bar and log in to Google Classroom.

  • Following these simple steps should also the pupil to now access Google Classroom via a Sony PS4 or PS5.

Please note, students in some circumstances may be unable to do everything achievable on a laptop or PC.

However, they can at the very least expect to access Google Classroom and discover the work assigned to them.

If I delete the document by accident, what can I do?

Click on the link on the taskbar that says last edited/recent and restore the document.

Further help can be found on this link

What is a Chromebook?

Chromebooks are laptops and two-in-ones running on Google's Chrome operating system. The hardware might look like any other laptop, but the minimalistic, web-browser-based Chrome OS is a different experience from the Windows and MacOS laptops you're likely used to.

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