KPIS Tuskers

KPIS Tuskers are members of The International Schools Athletics Association (ISAA)

ISAA is an athletics association that provides a well-rounded program of inter school athletics for member schools.

ISAA seeks to provide rules and regulations governing the association that will achieve recognized educational objectives, promote the traditions of international sportsmanship, and provide an enjoyable activities program for all participants, spectators and supporters.

The purpose of ISAA is to provide a well-rounded program of sporting activities for member schools in a framework that will achieve educational objectives at the same time as bringing together students to enjoy friendly and competitive opportunities to develop their talents.

ISAA aims to help students and member schools develop:

I) Physically, by learning skills and improving health.

II) Psychologically, by learning to control emotions and develop feelings of self-worth.

III) Socially, by learning how to co-operate in a competitive context and by learning appropriate standards of behavior.

ISAA Calendar 2019-2020 FINAL.pdf

It is expected that students, coaches, referees and parents attending and/or participating in ISAA sports events will meet the expectations of the following Code of Conduct:

I) Be honest.

II) Set and meet high standards of fair play.

III) Be good role models for other students to follow.

IV) Represent their school to the best of their ability at all times.

V) Not use foul or abusive language. Respect other players, officials and coaches.

VI) Play according to the rules and regulations of the sport.

VII) Respect decisions made by officials.

VIII) Always keep in mind, it’s just a GAME so enjoy.



  • September 2: Open Boys @NIVA KPIS 5th Place
  • September 10: Open Girls @RAIS KPIS 2nd Place
  • September 18: U15 Boys @NIVA KPIS 5th Place
  • September 20: U15 Girls @RAIS KPIS 7th Place
  • September 24: U13 Boys IPS@NIVA KPIS 3rd Place
  • October 30: U13 Girls CIS@NIVA KPIS 5th Place
  • November 4: U11 @BCISB KPIS 3rd Place
  • November 6: U9 @BCISB KPIS

Friendly Games

  • August 28 (Wednesday): Open Boys/Girls - KPIS vs. NIVA @KPIS

* Open Boys won 4 to 2

* Open Girls won 1 to 0

  • September 3 (Tuesday): Open Girls, U15 Boys @NIVA

* Open Girls won 1 to 0

* U15 Boys Lost 3 to 6

  • September 18 (Wednesday): U13 Boys vs. NIVA @KPIS

*U13 Boys won 6 to 4

October 1 (Tuesday): U11 & U9 vs. NIVA @KPIS

*U11 won 6 to 2

*U9 won 9 to 2



  • November 25: Open Boys @RAIS KPIS 6th Place
  • December 2: Open Girls @KPIS KPIS 1st Place
  • January 16: U15 Boys @SJMIS KPIS 6th Place
  • January 17: U15 Girls @RAIS KPIS 2nd Place
  • January 28: U13 Boys @BCISB KPIS 5th Place
  • February 6: U13 Girls @BCISB Cancelled

Friendly Games

October 3 (Thursday): Open Boys & Girls @NIVA

October 31 (Thursday): U15 Boys & U15 Girls @RIS (Swiss)

November 18 (Monday): U13 Boys & Girls @NIVA

November 21 (Thursday): Open Boys & Girls @RAIS

November 21 (Thursday): U13 Boys & Girls @KPIS v. NIVA

Track & Field


  • TBA

Table Tennis


  • All Tournaments Cancelled



March 19: U11 & U15 @KPIS

  • U11 Boys Singles
  • U11 Boys Doubles
  • U11 Girls Singles
  • U11 Girls Doubles
  • U11 Mixed Doubles
  • U15 Boys Singles
  • U15 Boys Doubles
  • U15 Girls Singles
  • U15 Girls Doubles
  • U15 Mixed Doubles

March 31: U13 & Open @KPIS

  • U13 Boys Singles
  • U13 Boys Doubles
  • U13 Girls Singles
  • U13 Girls Doubles
  • U13 Mixed Doubles
  • Open Boys Singles
  • Open Boys Doubles
  • Open Girls Singles
  • Open Girls Doubles
  • Open Mixed Doubles



April 21: Open Boys & Girls @SJMIS

  • Open Boys
  • Open Girls

April 22: U15 Boys & Girls @SJMIS

  • U15 Boys
  • U15 Girls

April 29: U13 Boys & Girls @MSIB

  • U13 Boys
  • U13 Girls

Swim Meet

May 8 2020 @BCISB