Directions from Gireum Station

Here is how you can get to our studio from the Gireum Station:

You will exit the Gireum Station through Exit 5 or 10 and pass through the alley toward the elevated highway. Then. you will turn left at the end of the alley and cross the street on the first crosswalk that you see. After you crossing the street, you will find the "Family Mart." You take the left at the Family Mart and walk about 2-3 minutes, you will find the intersection with the 그린마트 "Green Mart" (그린마트 in Korean only). You take a right turn at Green Mart and you will go uphill and will see a church on your left. Walk up the hill for 30 second and you will find our studio. Below is the step by step photo direction.

Here is the Video Part I

You are at Gireum Station

Please look for exit 10

Please walk up the stairs

You will turn right at the end of the stairway

Then you will see this

You will see the station parking lot

On the left of the parking lot, there is an alley

you will pass through the alley looks just like this

Then walk less than a minute from the alley and you will find the crosswalk

and you should cross here

After crossing the street, you will find the Convenience store (Now CU).

Please go straight through a real estate office, you will go through the street with the apartment building

Please turn left at the apartment building

You will still go through the street with the apartment building

You are almost there

Also, you will see the building on your left

Walk less than 30 seconds, you are at Korea Studio 281