Dr. Noel Vinay ThoMas

Short Bio

Graduated from Pukyong National University, Busan, South Korea as Doctor of Science in Marine Biotechnology, My Expertise is in Research and Development in the fields of Biotechnology, Marine Biotechnology, Molecular Biology, Genetics, rDNA Technology, Applied Sciences [Biology] and Bioinformatics.

Extensively researching in the molecular aspects of biomaterials and bioactives from natural resources and their efficacy in managing human health systems. Neuroinflammatory responses to external stimuli and their downregulation is one of the ongoing projects. I am keen in establishing myself as a potential contributor for the biomedical applications from natural resources.

Academic Philosophy

I recognize and support the encouragement, motivation and support rendered by a valuable teacher that makes an impact on the student. Remembering and respecting the teacher’s support throughout my learning phase, my intention is to motivate students while teaching them to be naturally motivated through challenging but supportive lessons and assignments. As a scientific research facilitator, I desire to help the students to understand the core concept of the subject, while developing an appreciation for supporting scientific references that could help them to carryout research oriented studies.

In addition, I would like to assist the students to first have the idea of the concept, a plan for betterment of the concept, a strategy to execute the methods and a proper literature citing ability. Moreover, I aim to prepare my students with competent scientific writing skills and help them develop the skills they need to become a Highly-qualified Biologist. I believe it is also important to help the students develop their scientific and social skills which can be achieved by implementing Team-based activities. Most importantly, I would like to follow the preventive and supportive behavior strategies with clear expectations from me to the learners and vice versa.

Dr. Noel Vinay Thomas