Mariam Yacoub Merry

Short Bio

My name is Mariam Yacoub Yousif, I was born in Baghdad, 1982. I am holding M.Sc in Analytical Chemistry from college of Science at Al-Nahrain University, 2007. I also get my B.Sc in Chemistry from Al-Nahrain, 2003 and now I am a Ph.D. student in Biomedical Chemistry field at Sulaymaniyah University-Chemistry Department.

I have been in academic trend since 2012. I occupied Lab Instructor position at the American University of Sulaimania, 2012 and then worked at Komar University of Science and Technology as Assistant Lecturer, 2013, teaching different courses with their labs these courses either belong to the Engineering department and Medical Laboratory Department or it belongs to the Medical laboratory Department only. These courses are:

- General Chemistry I & Lab

- General Chemistry II & Lab

- Analytical Chemistry & Lab

- Organic Chemistry I & Lab

I also occupied some administrative positions like Assistant to the Dean of Faculty at the American University, 2012 and participate as a member in several committees like Quality Assurance and Disciplinary Committee at Komar University, 2013.

I also occupied a position of field and lab Technician at the Twin River Institute for Scientific Research, 2010, for six months only.

Thanks for your time that you spent to read my Bio.

Mariam Yacoub Yousif

Academic Philosophy

I believe that to build the country is through a strong education and this goal will be achieved through our graduates which we prepare them for this purpose by transfer our knowledge to them.

Education alone is not enough I personally believe in directing the students to the good behavior by encourage the team work, the forgiveness, honesty, and ethics which it will help to build a strong personality which they can be a good future leaders or scientists.