Mamta Singh

Short Bio

Dr. Mamta Singh is the chairperson of Business Administration Department at Komar University of Science and Technology, since September 2017.

With regard to her academic qualification, she did her Ph.D from University of Allahabad, India, which has given many eminent leaders and two Prime ministers to the country (Shri. V. P. Singh and Shri Chandrashekhar) from Department of Economics. It brings a lot of responsibility which, she is more than delighted to carry that she did her research from a department where Late Prof. J. K. Mehta (Welfare Economist) taught. She completed her Ph.D in 2011 and to her satisfaction her recommendations were very much appreciated by industry and academia. She has also done her Post Graduation and Graduation form Department of Economics, University of Allahabad. She scored highest mark for India’s foreign Trade course during her masters.

She did her research on Indian Life Insurance sector, she choose this sector because in the year 2000 Government of India allowed foreign Direct Investment for insurance industry and several private companies with FDI started to enter in this sector. It was interesting to see how entry of new private players will affect the Giant Public sector company i.e. Life Insurance Corporation of India , which at that time in the year 2000 had 94% of market share (based on IRDA report 2005).

She started her teaching career in the year 2008 since then she taught at various colleges and Universities in India and abroad. At Noida International University she was heading School of Business Administration where seeing her determination and administrative skills the University proposed to make her a member of University Council. With regard to her assignments abroad mainly she worked for below mentioned universities:

Chairperson/ Lecturer at Komar University of science and Technology, Kurdistan region of Iraq (Currently working)

Associate Professor at Business College, Rana University, Kabul, Afghanistan

Assistant Professor at Department of Economics, Faculty of Business and Economics, Dilla University, Ethiopia

Her teaching interest lies in Macroeconomics, Microeconomics, Development Economics, Statistics, Quantitative Methods, Hospitality and Tourism marketing, Marketing management and International Trade.

Academic Philosophy

Her urge to the new learners is that the core of education is learn to think and therefore when you get a chance to do so pay your utmost sincerity to it.